Why insect-based dog food is more sustainable
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Why insect-based dog food is more sustainable

Climate change and the challenges associated with it have long been a topic of concern to the general public. More and more people are aware of the fact that sustainable alternatives will be required in the future in many areas of our lives.

Why insect-based dog food is more sustainable

This also applies to pet food. The dog food manufacturer Bellfor has an innovative range of insect-based products on offer, thanks to which you no longer have to choose between sustainability and species-appropriate dog nutrition.

  1. Intensive livestock farming harms the environment

Modern factory farming, which is widely practiced today to meet the growing demand for meat, represents a considerable burden on the environment. More than 70 percent of all agricultural land worldwide are either used for livestock farming or for the cultivation of the animals' feed.

In addition, intensive farming goes along with a high amount of water consumption, and especially cattle emit very large amounts of methane when they digest their food. CO2 is currently on everyone's lips as one of the main
causes of climate change. However, the harmful effects of methane on the climate are many times greater.

The effects of factory farming on climate change cannot be denied. As the world population continues to grow, the demand for meat is likely to increase in the coming decades, so that the environmental damage associated with meat production will inevitably increase further.

  1. Even dogs have an ecological paw print

Just like humans, dogs have an ecological paw print too, due to the meat in their food. If you want to reduce the ecological paw print of your four-legged friend, the best way is to think of alternatives when it comes to feeding.

Many owners consider switching to vegan dog food for this reason. However, due to the nutritional needs of dogs, this is not a good idea. After all, their digestive system is primarily designed for meat. A purely plant-based diet can therefore cause digestive problems and serious health problems in the long run.

Dog food with insect protein, as it has been offered by Bellfor for several years, has proven to be a much better alternative. This unconventional source of protein has a high biological value and supplies dogs with all the essential amino acids they need, so that there are no disadvantages compared to conventional meat.

  1. Insect protein for improved sustainability

The larvae of the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens), which are used in the production of the insect protein, score not only as a high-quality protein supplier. They are also proving to be a good choice in terms of the environment.

Compared to conventional farm animals they only require minimal space and the need for cultivation of feed is eliminated. In addition, the larvae do not produce any climate-damaging methane and their water consumption is also significantly lower than that of conventional farm animals.

  1. Insect-based sustainable products from Bellfor

Bellfor is a pioneer regarding the use of insects as a source of protein in dog food. The company launched its first two types of insect-based dry food back in 2016.

Since then, the range has been continuously expanded. Today Bellfor offers dog owners who care about the environment around 30 different high-quality products with insect protein or insect fat as an ingredient.

This also includes healthy dog snacks and various natural food supplements in addition to wet food. You can find more information on sustainable insect-based dog food and the numerous advantages it has for dogs and the environment in the Bellfor online shop.

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