Ever since I was younger my parents have always been strict. As I began to get older I realized that my strict parents didn’t have rules and standards for me because they’re mean. They do it because they love and care about me. Having strict parents is a good thing because it shows that they care.

Having strict parents typically means your friends are able to do things like sleep wherever they want, while you can’t. I know that in the moment you may get upset at your parents for not allowing you to do certain things, but they are protecting you.

Since they didn’t allow you to do a certain activity, you’re more mature than everyone else since you aren’t allowed to do reckless things, and make irrational decisions.

We know how to dress, because there’s no way that we can leave home without looking appropriate. Thank your parents for teaching you that you don’t need to be half naked to be beautiful.

I love and appreciate my strict parents and you should too. In today’s society, not too many parents care about their children. The fact that your parents care about you is important. Don’t be ashamed about having strict parents. Embrace it! It's a blessing in disguise.