Why I’m Ready To Go Back To School

Why I’m Ready To Go Back To School

5 Reasons Why Going Back To College Is Exciting

1 It’s Syllabus Week

It’s like a week long holiday for college kids. Your work load is light (if you even have any), and your stress is at an all time low. You can go out without a (school related) worry in the world. Take advantage of it while you can.

2 You Get Reunited With Everyone

You just went an entire month without your best friends. THE SEPARATION ANXIETY IS REAL. Which means a special crazy night out is definitely due.

3 Gasparilla

While we’re on the topic of getting reacquainted with your friends. What’s a more perfect way to do that than go to the craziest pirate festival of the year? The timing is practically perfect.

4 You’ve Been Home For Too Long

Don’t get me wrong, being home is great. The nostalgia is great. The home cooked meals are great. Seeing your pets is AMAZING…and of course the people too. It’s great to see everyone again, but it no longer feels like home. It feels weird living at home again and having people in charge of you again. It’s time to go back to your new home, where you at least try to be a grown independent.

5 All The New Memories That Will Form

College is supposed to be the time of your life and it has itself proven to be ever since you started. All the pictures you take, pool parties and concerts you go to, and bad decisions that become good stories aren’t ready to come to an end, and I’m sure you’re anxious to get back to making these things happen again.

Sure college can be stressful, but it can be spectacular. New people come into your life constantly, new adventures take place so unexpectedly, and things you’ve never imagined would happen, do. It is completely up to you on how you want to spend these four years, but remember that you are young and you will never get this opportunity again. After all, “No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep.”

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It took me 4 years...

and I don't know why.

4 is the magic number. I knew my best friend for 4 years before we even became friends. We were best friends for 4 long years, before we weren't. And lastly, it has been 4 years since we stopped being friends and I wonder what happened. 4 is the magic number and I don't know why. 

What's weird about friendship, you just one day decide that you like someone and that you get along and then you start hanging out and doing things together. It's just this pull between two people that is sort of unexplainable. It's a beautiful mystery. It took us all of 4 years to even like each other. Our friendship was far from instant and far from easy, but when it was good, it was unparalleled. Here's to 4 years of knowing each other, but not being friends quite yet. 

In the 4 years of friendship that we had, I can truly say, God couldn't have given me a better friend. We made cheesy dances to Justin Bieber music. We spent summers on the football field being a part of something we both loved. We seemed to make Free Pie Wednesday at' OCharley's a weekly event. We watched Christmas movies year round. We had crushes on far too many new boys, but we could never seem to shake the old ones. We'd spend days and nights crying over them and begging the other for advice, which we never ran short of because we were so opinionated. We thought we knew everything. We planned our lives and just knew, that friendship would last forever. Here's to 4 years of being the best of friends. 

The last 4 years though, they've been different. These years have been filled with questions. Sure, that life we planned turned out way different. At least for me. We graduated High School and instead of attending college together and staying as close as the previous 4, we drifted far apart. And sure, I blame myself. The little pink (+) on the end of a stick wasn't so little to our friendship. The little diamond ring he put on my finger, wasn't so little to our friendship. The little round belly that began to grow on me wasn't so little to our friendship. They were all life changing, yes, but I never knew they would do this to our friendship. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change my life now, but man would I have put in more effort then. Here's to the last 4 years, they've hurt. 

On the topic of 4, here's the 4 things I have decided to say now...

One- Thank you. Thank you for being the best friend I have ever had. You knew me. You saw every single part of me and decided to still be a friend to me. I had so many flaws and being a friend wasn't my best attribute, but you were there for it, you knew it, and you stayed true for a long time. 

Two- I see the effort you made. You did things for me while I was pregnant. I just think it was too much for you too soon. It was for me too. So, I get it. I don't fault you. While I say I understand, I do sometimes wrestle with what exactly was the moment that you decided to be done. I never had that moment, so I wonder if it came for you.

Three- I wonder if you hurt over it, because I do. I have seen your new friends (and some old friends) for 4 years. I have seen them have the same big life changes that I had. The difference is, you're seeing them through it. You are even part of it. In their weddings, posting about their kids, loving them in their season. Why was mine so different? 

Lastly, Four- This one is the hardest, but I'll be better for it... I'm sorry. I'm sorry if it was my fault. If I did or said something that pushed us apart, I am sorry. Genuinely. I think that may be noticed just based on the fact that 4 years later, I am still saying it.  

It took me 4 years to write this. For some reason, after having my daughter, my second child that you haven't been able to know, I find myself hurting more. I believe it's because when I look at her, I want her to have a full life that is full of friendship and full of what we had. She deserves that. I hope she has that. It took me 4 years to write this, and truly it has taken me 4 years to heal. In the 4th week of my 4th and final semester of college, a professor challenged me to write something vulnerable and real and this is it. So, here's to the magic number 4, you have shaped me, made me, and maybe one day, this story about 4 will hurt a little less. 

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How To Find Your Closest Friends In College

How I found my "people" in college

When you first get to college it can be really difficult to find your group of friends that you know no matter what will always be there for you. For me, I found mine within my sorority once I got my Big and had not only her but her Big and her twin and her twin's Little. With them I know I'm set for many reasons.

When looking for your "people" in college you should always find people you can picture at your wedding in the future. If you can see that person table dancing or catching the bouquet at your wedding then you know you've got the best type of friends. Those that make you laugh and smile when you are at your lowest points in life are the people you should be surrounding yourself with because in the future they will still be there for you.

You should also find the people you can joke around with. My Big always asks for a cookie and I say "no" even though I'm really joking and I'm going to give her the cookie anyway. Jokes like that or making fun of each other without going too far are the humor you need in your life. Now if someone is just straight going for things they know you are insecure about then they are not your real friends. Jokes should be lighthearted and humorous, not mean and rude.

The last thing you need when finding your best friends in college is a close bond. If you don't feel comfortable around those people and don't feel like you can tell them almost anything then you don't have a close bond. I can tell my sorority fam almost anything in the world and they won't judge me. I also know I can call any of them up and they will listen. We are just very close and I know they will always be my friends.

Finding friends in college is difficult, but once you have that group you will know they are your friends for life. You can't go actively searching because close friends just kind of happen. I got lucky with finding mine and you will get lucky too.

Cover Image Credit: Ashley Duke

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