I could go into much more depth with this piece, but I don't think I really have to. Clearly, the University of Southern California is a dream school to many. So much so that even celebrities are willing to pay ridiculous (I repeat, RIDICULOUS) amounts of money to send their kids here. The acceptance rate just reached a pretty intense 11%. We may not be Ivy League, but we are not a school to be reckoned with. So why do I have such pride for a school that many are portraying as the University of Spoiled Children?

1. Spring Admission

To some this may seem like more of a curse than a blessing, but it actually ended up being the reason I chose USC over other schools. USC has specific programs in Rome, Paris, London, and Switzerland (not sure what part exactly) for spring admit students to study abroad their first semester and still receive the appropriate credits. If taking a mini gap year and attending your dream school immediately after is your style, USC is probably the school for you.

2. The Location

All I wanted was to go to a warm city. What did I get with USC? A warm city. Add in beautiful people to the mix. Despite a few rainy days, I haven't been too disappointed.

3. The Education

USC is hard. It makes sense why it is so difficult to get in here. The course load is not the easiest to manage, and the professors know how to push students to their limits. Walk into Annenberg, Ferttita, or the film school, and you will see the effort that goes into providing students with top notch resources at USC. You really feel like you are living your dream life already, but as a student!

4. The People

I've always been for inclusion and branching out, and I'm not sure I could find a better environment to thrive in than USC. I remember when applying and first coming to this school I came to the realization that every student is pretty weird in their own way. Everyone has a sort of unique drive or creativity to them. What makes USC such an amazing community is that everyone supports one another in their endeavors. To outsiders it may seem like a form of social climbing or making professional connections, but the acquaintances I have come across are genuinely supportive of one another. Friends help their friends. The people are really for the people. FTFO.