Ever since I have gotten to college, I have felt the need to become a better person. Not to say I was not a good person before… of course, I would like to think I was. I have just found that being at a national university with people from all over the world, all involved in these inspiring projects, I have never wanted to be part of something more. There are community service projects of all types offered at UMD - ones that focus on girls, children, people with disabilities, people in financial troubles, different races, religions, etc. - it is hard to find something that doesn't intrigue you. Finding your passion and an organization that supports it has never been so easy.

That being said, one of the organizations I recently joined is actually not sponsored by the University of Maryland, but it is one I believe in. Recently, after scrolling through my Facebook feed, I joined The Letter Project. One of my friends posted the package of ten pretty letters she received from people across the United States saying how grateful she was for the organization. I was intrigued, so I searched up The Letter Project, and to my surprise, I was actually very interested.

The Letter Project is an organization founded by Whitney Saxon, a life coach who has devoted her time to founding an organization to uplift girls everywhere. Basically, the process starts by a friend or family member of a girl who is going through a hard time who wants to help her out. The friend/family member will request a letter bundle for their friend by filling out a short questionnaire. In the meantime, writers (like me!) pick a girl to write to based on their current situation and write a meaningful, handwritten letter. Ten letters are then bundled up from ten different writers and sent off to that girl with a pretty bow.

I am passionate about girl positivity and mental health - making people feel less alone, and making girls in society feel empowered and confident. This project is something I am interested in, and I feel it betters me as a person when I read what others go through and give them advice and quotes that I can then apply to my life. It is therapeutic and crafty - the perfect way to give back, even on a busy college schedule. It is easy to become impersonal with your gestures in a world where technology dominates a lot of our encounters... something about a handwritten letter is so timeless and so personal. It is so much more meaningful. I encourage you to write too… it is worth your time and makes you feel good about yourself. Maybe I can even create a chapter on campus here at UMD.

Whether it is The Letter Project or not, joining an organization that supports your beliefs and makes good use of your time is well worth your time. I recommend using your free time in college to your advantage. It is a great time, with many opportunities, to choose to do something good. Be the change you would like to see!