Why Houseplants Are The Best

5 Reasons Why Houseplants Make The Best Decorations

To me, house plants are a staple to any home, whether you have a green thumb or not.

Photo taken by Amy Oberholtzer

The history of house plants...

They are aesthetically pleasing for any windowsill. 

My plant display from last year.

Photo taken by Amy Oberholtzer

Creating the perfect symmetrical (or asymmetrical) display has never been easier.

They are the perfect vision for nature photography. 

My schefflera plant enjoying the sunshine.

Photo taken by Amy Oberholtzer

Every angle is a great angle for these guys.

There are low-maintenance ones for all those plant-killers out there.

All my succulents enjoying some indirect light.

Photo taken by Amy Oberholtzer

These beauties are called succulents and require very low water maintenance and indirect light. Perfect for any busy person.

There are even rootless plants for even lower maintenance.

This is an air plant is called a medsae.

Photo taken by Amy Oberholtzer

Air plants have no roots and only need some spritzing or soaking in water. Easy-peasy, no soil, just aesthetics.

Any work you put into these little guys shows. 

This succulent has outgrown the pot!

Photo taken by Amy Oberholtzer

When you tend to your plants, they really do show growth.

Houseplants are inexpensive, beautiful decorations that bring a peaceful aesthetic to any room.

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