I've lived all my life knowing what kind of person I wanted to end up with.

I've always wanted a man like my dad, which is a man who respects his other half, adores her, loves God, puts God first, loves his family, supports his family, and works hard. Although I settled for less in my past relationships, that image and idea has never left me and has always been the end goal. I prayed and prayed that I would get what I want, but did not get it until the end of last year.

Instead of pursuing what I truly wanted, I settled for much less out of fear of lifelong loneliness and never fulfilling my true heart's desires of being a wife and a mom; I also settled for much less than what I wanted because I was blinded and did not understand what I deserved. It was not until the end of last year when I began to understand and comprehend that I deserved so much and it was then when I stopped allowing myself to get hurt.

When this happened, I was blessed with Cameron. Cameron absolutely was worth everything my past threw at me and still is daily. I would go through everything I have each day if it meant that each day would be spent with him. Cameron is the type of man that I pray every girl finds; he leads me, loves God, adores me, does more for me than I do for me, respects me, respects my morals and has the same morals, looks past my past and sees me for who I am now, and tells me I'm beautiful daily. He makes me a better person every day.

Cameron is worth everything because he is everything I've ever wanted and prayed for.