May the new year bring you success, blessings, and happiness!

New Year's Eve is supposed to be an amazing day filled with family, friends, and partying. Most people around me look forward to celebrating the end of the year however, I can't relate. It's an end and a new beginning (something I really love to think about) but I just can't get myself to enjoy the day. Maybe it's not so horrible because it's so anticipated the 364 days leading up to it. But the concept of this regular day just doesn't make sense to me.

I am a control freak. You cannot even imagine the stress I put on myself just thinking about entering a new year. I convince myself the moments leading up to it must be perfect along with the days after bringing in the new year. You can definitely say I pressure myself to enjoy every moment. If one little thing goes wrong before or shortly after midnight, I convince myself that I'm doomed and everything is horrible! You can definitely call me dramatic.

Everyone around me loves to party on New Year's Eve. I’m all for having fun and partying but the control freak in me hates the idea of entering the new year drained from partying, drinking, and loud crowds. Entering a new year incoherent doesn’t make sense to me. I want to start fresh in a brand new year! Some people see it as a day to drink off all of the things they went through the past year and that's okay, but I just don't agree!

I practically force myself to do something fun on NYE because it feels wrong to not do anything on such a big day. I see everyone around me celebrating so I feel like I have to join in unless I'll just feel lame! I’d much rather sit home in my pajamas.

Fireworks. I hate fireworks and yes, a lot of people love them but I just cannot enjoy big, loud, and colorful explosions in the sky. Call me a Debbie downer, but I just don't think they're anything special.

Three words. New Year's resolutions. I don't understand them. I set them for myself and they don’t stick with me the whole year, let alone a whole week. I set such high goals and get disappointed when they don’t get fulfilled. On top of disappointing myself, others say some crazy things as well. So many people say "new year, new me" but in reality, you're still the same person! Sure, you can change some things about yourself in the new year, but let's get real and admit that you're not going to become a whole new person after midnight on December 31st.

Everyone says that a new year is a fresh start or a new beginning. To me, every day is a fresh start. Your past doesn’t get left behind just because the date on the calendar changes. I know that many people say this because it makes them feel good and almost acts as a "safety net." To me, I would much rather tell myself that I have every morning to start new and fix yesterday's mistakes.

Everything is so busy on NYE! There is so much traffic, so many crowds, and don't even get me started on trying to get a dinner reservation. There is way too much going on and my anxiety-filled mind can't handle all of the overstimulation. I don't even understand why people leave their houses.

Basically, I don't understand this day or why people enjoy it. Sometimes, I think that people just celebrate this day because everyone else does and they think that it's only right. If you hate this regular just like me, then let it be known! Sit home in your pajamas and do whatever else you want. Theres no need to folloe the NYE trend.