Why HAIM is the Coolest Girl Group Around

Two days ago, I was in my bed (naturally) listening to "Little of Your Love" by HAIM, preparing for the new music video, when something life-threatening struck me: I have never penned an article about how outright genius HAIM. I mean Este. Danielle. Alana. They are the coolest people I've ever been enamored by. How could I possibly go another day without writing this article to tell the world that it needs to be as OBSESSED with HAIM as I am?

Let's just get down to business. Three sisters--nay, fristers (friend+ sister), who sing, write songs, play instruments, and dance together... what more could anyone want in this forsaken world!?!??! I'll just spell it out for you, NOTHING. NOTHING at all. They are so cool. Take a gander.

If those pictures don't make you want to be the fourth HAIM frister than I believe it is time to reevaluate your entire life (right now, right now).

Also, please take a moment (or about an hour, or even more tbh) to browse through their music videos, interviews, or listen to all every single one of their songs. Just delve in, my friiiiiiends. Because there is nothing more satisfying than getting to know these three strong women.

Their songs are a blast from the past, while at the same time a thing of the future. That is the pure beauty within them. They have the ability to be so many things at once. And they do them all so well. They are giving the world of music an outlet into the past with not only their music, but their entire presence. Their style alone is retro without trying too hard or being over the top. I so would love to pull off the outfits they can. For real, I could go on and on. AHHH they are just so cool. I'm fascinated. How is it possible?!??! I ask that to myself everyday.

Okay... As always, I'm getting off track. Let's go back a bit.. the past. They are what some might describe old-souls, but tbh I'm not sure if I should be included in that group because I've yet to determine if I like that term (more on that as life goes on). That oldies vibe about them comes out in their music, sometimes it feels almost as if I'm jamming to 80's hits. And I love the 80's.

Them. I love how their personalities shine through in whatever they are doing. Este, the oldest and most responsible, is somehow never boring. Danielle, the in-her-head one. She only speaks when she truly has something she wants to say. You know it means a lot. She brings an image for "shy" people around the world and shows that it's okay. Danielle is so much more than that. She is an inspiration. Alana, the youngest and most playful. She is outgoing and light. But she is never afraid to speak her mind and tell it like it is. They are all MOVING. AHHHH. Superbly supreme.

I could go on forever. But I can't do all the work. I can't just tell you that they're cool. You need to go see it for yourself. So if you didn't do what I told you early on, if you didn't go and listen and watch and see for yourselves. Do it now. Do yourselves a favor. Please. Spread the word and show the world the coolest girl group around.

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