For some college students, time at home is limited due to distance. As the semesters pass, I have realized that family is most important; they are the people on your team rooting for you and waiting at the finish line to watch you cross. With that being said, the greatest humans on this planet, my grandparents, have not had my light and appreciation on them as much as I would like. To the most selfless, knowledgeable and loving humans; this one is for my grandparents.

The list can go on and on, but I'll keep it short and highlight the best of them. For starters, the amount of love they have for me is almost unimaginable. Recently I've taken a step back and just thought about how much my grandparents care for me. And I mean really really care for me. This isn't about one set of my grandparents either, this reaches out to my moms, my dads, and my step mom's parents. They're all AMAZING.

Here are some examples of their ridiculously kind souls. If I have a trip coming up, they spoil me with money or clothes to assure I'm ready. If I talk about how I'm cold all the time, I show up a week later and they have purchased fuzzy clothing, space heaters, and heated blankets for me. Whenever I try to have a conversation about their lives, they brush it off to focus and ask more concerning me. If I'm in a state of panic or emergency — my grandparents are there or giving me advice to get through it. WHO DESERVES THESE SELFLESS PEOPLE?

Don't get me wrong, this isn't about materialistic things either. I have sat and talked with my grandparents for hours about anything and everything. They love hearing about me, I love hearing about them and the life-time of knowledge they've taught me is forever irreplaceable.

They give the best advice, too. You think you know it all? Nope, your grandparents do. The wisdom, jokes, tales and poems I have grown up with and learned through my grandparents is almost impossible to fathom. They helped my parents raise me and they still do today. One set of my grandparents gave me the gift of knowledge to further my education as a college student and saved money for my tuition. This is just a mere glimpse of the amazing things they do for me.

As I've grown older, I've made the realization of how magnificent my grandparents are. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved my grandparents with every bit of life within me, but lately I've been reflecting on just how wonderful they are and all they do for me. They've given me so much, as I feel I've given them so little in return. I know I make them happy, and I want all of my grandparents to understand how much I truly appreciate them and how happy they make me. Maybe this article can help.

My advice for readers? Love and cherish your elders. They aren't here forever, no one is. My grandparents would give me the world if they could and for that love and compassion alone, I thank them from the bottom of my aching heart.