Why GPAs Do Not Define People

One thing all students worry about is their GPA. You're taught in high school that if you do not have a good GPA you will not get into a good school or at least the school of your dreams. In college, you're taught that your GPA matters to get an internship. My GPA was decent in high school but college is different I find myself not necessarily having the GPA I would want, however my GPA is not who I am. I am me and I will always be me regardless of my GPA.

Parents like to brag about their kid's grades but, honestly, your grades do not show how smart a person actually is. There are a lot of really smart people that have terrible grades. Having good grades just shows how much effort you put into school. Putting the effort in is only part of it but actually understanding the content is the most important thing. Some people have really bad test anxiety. I know I do. I do not test well so my grades are not the greatest because my classes are all test based. My grades and GPA do not reflect who I am.

I am someone that works incredibly hard to do well in school. I am a person that has a part-time job while in school. I am involved in a sorority. I am a writer for Odyssey. I am in German Klub. I love gymnastics. All of these things define who I am. My grades do not. When I was in high school applying to colleges, my SAT scores and ACT scores were not the best but what got me into Butler was the fact that I had a decent GPA, but most importantly it was the fact that I was involved in almost every club my school had to offer. I was in a lot of after school activities and I had a part time job as well.

GPAs should not matter in whether or not I am qualified for a job. What should matter is am I loyal employee, am I trustworthy, do I understand what I am doing, that is what should matter. Just because I think GPAs are not important that does not mean I do not care about school. I do believe me. I get stressed when I do bad on a test, I get stressed during finals week, and I spend most weekends in studying or working.

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