Just like half the population of the planet, I am a "Game of Thrones" watcher. I haven't been a fan since the beginning, heck even since last season. I really had no interest in the show until my boyfriend started last summer and insisted I watch, and thanks to his xfinity account that had HBO access, I sped through the first six seasons, while my boyfriend hasn't bothered to finish the last season. (Like c'mon, who am I supposed to discuss weekly with?) After finally getting to start season seven, I was excited to finally get to watch a season right as it happened with everyone else.

There's no doubt about it that GOT is one of, if not the, best shows on television. I mean, if you're just looking at production value alone it's a true masterpiece. There's also no other show like it out there that really captures the attention of such vast and wide-ranging audiences. GOT captures people of every age, from every demographic, from every far-reaching area of the world like it keeps track of wide-ranging characters from every far-reaching area of Westeros. That exact description of the wide-ranging and intricate storylines is one the reasons it's one of the worst shows.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love "Game of Thrones" and I have my favorite (and least favorite) characters, house loyalties, and predictions as with the usual fan fare. However, I'm not afraid to notice when something is not always perfect. GOT can be extremely confusing with storylines crossing seven kingdoms and seemingly dozens of characters with their own backstories and motives. As a result, GOT is not a show for someone who wants a relaxing show where they can let their minds wander and just take in for entertainment purposes.

It probably didn't help that I crammed the first six seasons in less than two months, so most of the fine details become blurred. And if a character gets killed off, forget about it, they're probably long gone from my memory. I can remember most of the characters' faces, but trying to remember their names and titles and home lands can become quite overwhelming. Maybe I would be less critical of the highly detailed show had I spanned my watching over the years it's been on, or maybe I'd be even more critical because with time gaps I certainly wouldn't remember.

Even with its occasional confusing storyline or random plot or seemingly endless introduction of new characters and twists and settings, "Game of Thrones" is a show that I can't turn away from, especially in anticipation of this seventh seasons. Who knows what adventures and thrilling battles and losses we'll be in for this season? But, one thing is for sure, and that's that we'll all be watching in anticipation.