Ya know what? I deserve the world (well most of it), OK? Everyone deserves the best and everyone should demand that sh*t.

I used to act like I was a very low maintenance person that didn’t need to be treated like a #queen at least some of the time. When I was younger, I had times where I was such a follower and I never really felt like I was the best at anything. I felt very mediocre and didn’t love myself for just being me. Last year, I acted like I didn’t need to do things in the name of “treat yourself” or even demand a basic respect from people. I used to let people who were supposed to be my friends stab me in the back — like bish what???

I let all the red flags go with boys because I thought oh yeah they’ll totally change for me or they’re so nice when in reality they were only playing the game. Girl, no! Most of the time people are looking out for themselves and I blindly trusted a lot of people without considering that. I told myself the boy with a thousand red flags was misunderstood, but he was just plain self-centered. I told myself I needed to put up with people’s crap because I needed them as a friend or a hookup. Really, girl?

I only need the people that build me up and have a positive impact on my life! To my past self, there’s never a Sunday you shouldn’t get brunch with your homies and there’s never a time you should let people treat you badly. I knew better all along and I was only settling for what I thought I deserved and that was totally backward because I deserve great friends that always have my back and boys that write me when they say they're going to write me. This semester is my time. I’ve said it a hundred times, but I truly have changed and this semester I’m going to demand the best and be the bad and boujee gal my mom raised me to be.

Cheers to me!