Muriel Knudson is an Emmy-nominated photographer and videographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is currently documenting the life of Lauren Sanderson, a singer-songwriter from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I head about Muriel after I heard about Lauren and as an amateur photographer myself I was really intrigued by her work.

She takes amazing candid shots of Lauren and her other friends. Since she puts such an emphasis on the importance of taking photos of other people she started a movement that I think more people should get behind.

The movement is called Take More Pics Of Ur Friends. It started out as a phrase she ironed onto the back of a jean jacket and the next thing she knew the hashtag #takemorepicsofurfriends had been used over 100 times. Now it has been used over 1,300 times.

It’s pretty obvious we focus more on taking selfies than we do about taking pictures of our friends. I know I definitely have taken and posted more selfies of myself than anyone needs to see.

After learning more about Muriel and her movement I really have realized the value of taking pictures of other people. My friends, family, and the moments we spend together are what I want to remember. I really don’t need a million pictures of my face.

Muriel encourages everyone to take part in the movement. It’s not about what kind of camera you have. In fact, I set aside my Nikon camera to use a disposable camera from CVS for a little while and I loved it. Muriel uses disposable cameras a lot and that is what intrigued me to try it out for myself.

So I hope everyone takes a page out of Muriel’s book and follows her movement. I think it’s something really important and I don’t think any of us would regret having more pics of our friends.