Why Everyone Should Add Boxing To Their Workout Regimen

Why Everyone Should Add Boxing To Their Workout Regimen

Why Everyone Should Add Boxing To Their Workout Regimen

A lot of normal civilians steer clear of combat sports. Whether it's boxing or MMA, most people feel like its for the brutes. Most people don't even let it cross their mind because most people think it involves getting hit in the face, or worse, knocked out. While somewhat true, boxing is also a beautiful sport that has alot of art and science behind it. Outside of the intangibles that the sport captures in combat, there are alot of benefits it has for your body outside of combat.

Boxing is everyone who is into fitness or likes keeping in shape should partake in, here is why.

The 5 benefits of boxing

Boxing has many benefits, but here are the top 5.

Weight Loss

The first and probably most appealing benefit of boxing is the health aspect of it. Boxing is probably the best, and the toughest cardio workout that you can partake in. Between shadow boxing and hitting the bag, it is possible to burn up to 1000 calories in a single boxing workout. Hitting the bag alone, depending on intensity, can burn you 300 to 600 calories. That's not counting shadow boxing, jump roping, road work and strength training exercises that come with it.

Build Muscles

Boxing will have you working muscles you never thought you had. Usually the first day after your first boxing workout, you may feel like you can't move, laugh or cough. Your back will be in pain, your core on dire, and your biceps will feel like they were put through a paper shredder. However, this is less reason to stop and more to reason to continue. Boxing will build you an impressive physique and will help shed the fat off your body so that you can actually show off the muscles underneath. It primarily will work your core, shoulders, and back.

Increase confidence

Nothing helps build confidence like knowing you can kick some ass. Boxing helps increase confidence for that reason and many others. Outside of learning how to properly defend yourself, you will also learn how to have a good center of gravity and be in much better shape. Even when Matt Damon was shooting the Bourne Identity, the director made him box for 6 months so he can "get the confident walk that boxers have."

Increase Stamina

Boxing will help increase your stamina as well. No more embarrassingly panting after walking up two sets of stairs. Boxing will make the regular tasks in your life much easier. It will also make you be able to last much longer in bed, seriously. You can expect things to get much easier for you.

Release Stress

Boxing can also be a great form of stress release. It allows one to safely release and pent up aggression that build as a results of regular life, which can get pretty stressful. On a daily basis we hold in what we really want to say to protect other's feelings and that can get tough to hold in after a while. Boxing is a way to provide a release for yourself.

What is a Typical Workout?

Okay so maybe you are already sold on the workout, but you want to know what it consists of.

Well according to the Brawl Bros. Boxing Workout, here is what you can expect from a typical boxing workout.

Typical boxing training regimen:


•Jump Roping

•Shadow Boxing

•Heavy Bag


•Strength Training

However when you go over to to see the full boxing workout, keep in mind this is for fighters, so you can borrow each task, but you don't have to do it for as long. About an hour of exercise should be plenty.

Stick to 2 minute rounds and 3 rounds per workout.

It's Fun

The best part about boxing is that it is fun. Especially if you don't have to train to get into the ring and fight guys who want to take your head off. Purely as a workout it is the most fun you can have without breaking the law. Grab a friend, grab some gloves, and go bust out a good boxing workout.

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Who Will Fill the Shoes Of USC's Most Productive Offensive Players From Last Season?

An inside look into who will step up and produce for the Trojans in 2018.

As spring football gets underway, the Trojans will look to replace their 3 most important players on their offense from last season.

The first is Sam Darnold, a projected top pick in this year’s NFL draft and the quarterback who helped usher USC back into prominence by delivering a Rose Bowl victory as well as a Cotton Bowl Berth. The next is Ronald Jones II, the workhorse running back for the Trojans who rushed for 1500 yards and 19 touchdowns this year and finished 4th on the all-time USC rushing list.

The third main piece of the Trojans’ offense that USC will have to replace is Deontay Burnett, who before the emergence of Tyler Vaughns and Michael Pittman, served as Darnold’s most reliable target and finished with over 1000 yards receiving and 9 touchdowns.


Whoever has to fill in Sam Darnold’s enormous shoes will have their work cut out for them next season. Currently, the two most likely players to replace the former heisman candidate are Matt Fink and Jack Sears. Fink, the more experienced of the two, served as the primary backup last season while Sears elected to take a redshirt year.

USC will also welcome in quarterback J.T. Daniels, the former Mater-Dei quarterback who led the Monarchs to an undefeated season and was regarded as the best quarterback in the 2019 class before reclassifying into the 2018 class. In his final season at Mater Dei, Daniels put up video-game like numbers.

According to 24/7 sports, he scored 62 total touchdowns while only throwing 4 interceptions. While Fink and Sears both will have the upper-hand on Daniels come the fall, it's difficult to imagine that they have anywhere near the ceiling that Daniels has. I expect Daniels to come in and win the job, ushering USC into a new era post-Darnold.

Prediction: J.T. Daniels

Running Back

While finding a replacement for Darnold should be the biggest priority for USC, running back will be a close second. During his three year tenure with the team, Ronald Jones, affectionately called RoJo by many Trojan fans, cemented himself as one of the USC greats, finishing 4th on the all-time USC rushing list. Thankfully for the Trojans, there looks to be a solid replacement in place.

Former five-star running back Stephen Carr came on strong during his freshman campaign and while he only had 363 total yards and 3 touchdowns, his performances in the season opener vs. Western Michigan and Stanford in September should solidify his role as a workhorse for the Trojans in 2017-2018.

If Carr can’t stay healthy, USC still has a plethora of options with veteran Aca’Cedric Ware and Vavae Malepeai who both played well in stretches last season.

Prediction: Stephen Carr

Wide Receiver

On the outside, Tyler Vaughns and Michael Pittman both look like the future for the Trojans. Described by many as “big men with little men skills”, they should be huge contributors for USC next season regardless of who is throwing to them. However, USC still has to replace Deontay Burnett, who despite his lack of size, had over 1000 yards receiving and 9 touchdowns last year.

While Trevon Sidney, Velus Jones Jr., and Josh Imatorbhebhe are all viable candidates to fill in for Burnett, none have the ceiling of Amon-Ra St. Brown, an incoming freshman and arguably the best receiver in the 2018 class. His combination of route-running and playmaking should impress coaches and will be a perfect complement to the skills of Vaughns and Pittman.

Prediction: Amon-Ra St.Brown

Cover Image Credit: Wikipedia Commons

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6 Ways To Craft The "Perfect" March Madness Bracket

It's that time of year again

My family could be described as rather competitive… to put it nicely. Everything can be made a competition between us from who has the most hockey state championships, to playing board games, to who gets shotgun, and even to who mom’s favorite is (a dispute she refuses to settle). Competitiveness just comes with being a Purcell, but some things bring it out of us more than others. March Madness being one of them.

Everyone is always trying to be the one who has the perfect bracket… or in our case, it’s more often the least flawed bracket. Either way, as the years have gone through, I have used multiple strategies in an attempt to construct the winning bracket. I have yet to win, so I don’t know if I’d take my advice, but if you get stuck here are some ideas you can try.

1. Mascots

Some schools just have that one mascot that makes you stop and think, “Wow that is so cool” or “Aw that’s kind of cute” and you might as well give the creative mascot the benefit of the doubt.

2. Location

One year I picked the warmer climate, but I guess you could go for the colder climate if you really wanted to.

3. Where Your Friends Go

As a freshman in college, this was my go-to strategy this year and I have a good feeling about it. Just had to make sure the high school friends know I still support them.

4. School Colors

Look good, feel good, right? So, the best colors

have a high chance of producing positive results.

5. Higher Seed

As someone who is really not a numbers person, it pains me to admit that sometimes you just have to go with the number.

6. V-for Villanova, V-for Victory

I swear I’m not biased, but it just always makes sense to have Villanova winning the whole thing.

Cover Image Credit: https://static.pexels.com/photos/71103/basketball-sports-teams-players-71103.jpeg

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