It's the event many people wait all semester for. It attracts some of Montclair State University's biggest crowds and it's one of it's highest selling events. It occurs every spring and can only be one word. MGlow. Since 2012 SLAM (Student life at Montclair) has been running it. Known as the paint party, each year, various students throw on white clothing, meet up with friends, and head to Lot 60 to dance, socialize, and get drenched in paint. With huge crowds, high tickets sales, creativity, and long-lasting memories... is this something every university should have? Here are some reasons why Montclair isn't the only school that should have this.

1. It's a stress reliever

While the majority of students came to socialize, dance, and have paint sprayed on them, others attended to take a hiatus from the books as finals slowly approach. Who wouldn't want to have paint thrown at them before they need to study?

2. It's creative

Not everyone gets to have paint thrown at them while dancing, socializing, and even meeting new people. At MGlow, you get all of that for one price and it can only get more creative.

3. Brings together a campus community

While Montclair State University might not be as big as other schools, it still has brought students together, giving them an opportunity for a new experience.

4. Connects people

As the dance floor get's crowded, you don't always know who you'll be dancing next to however, many eventually end up meeting and introducing themselves to those strangers.

5. It's a great Saturday night escape

Whether you might need a break from family, homework, or employment, MGlow is a great way to escape those things and enjoy the evening while it lasts

6. Entertains students

Some schools such as Montclair, don't offer a lot to do on weekends. This gives students something to do so their not bored on campus or stuck in their dorm figuring out what to do.

7. Builds relationships

While not everyone might meet their special someone there or that person that helps them achieve a job they're looking for, this event gives them the opportunity to do those things

8. A great date night opportunity

If a college couple is looking for something new to do on a Saturday night in the spring, this is something worth trying. It's even better when you attend with others.