My freshman year of high school, my English teacher had all of her students write a letter to themselves. We would be able to pick up the letter at anytime we wanted our senior year. To be quite honest, I totally forgot we had done this. The first week of my senior year she was sure to remind me to pick it up. I had made the decision to pick it up once I knew where I was going to college.

The day I picked up my letter I was honestly impressed with myself. I actually had two letters. My teacher and I both were confused by this. In true freshman fashion, I had actually left my original letter at home. So I wrote another one in the attempt to save myself. A lot of people didn't put that much effort into it and were left disappointed by the experience. I, however, had filled the envelope with pictures of everything that was important to me, along with an overwhelming amount of questions.

It truly shocked me to see how much I had grown over the last four years. I had a different friend group, different taste in music and some horrible grammar. I asked what car I was driving, about my family and some interesting assumptions about who I would be going to prom with. Overall, I was impressed with the work that my freshman self had put into this.

As I am preparing to move into college, myself and some other classmates have decided to write letters again. It is crazy to see how much I've grown over the last four years. I had no expectation that I would be where I am today. It leads me to question: where will be in another four? So far I have met some amazing people, pushed myself academically and I have some goals I would like to accomplish. I can't help but ask, will I accomplish my goals? Will my major change? What is in store for the next four years? By writing, you get to look at where you were in the moment. When I write mine, it will the night before I move in. I'll have answers to all the fears and questions I had the night before.

I wanted to write this to share the amazing experience I had doing this. Even if you aren't a freshman, writing a letter to yourself is an amazing way to remember how you are feeling at a specific point in your life. I plan to keep these letters forever just to remember who I was at that point in my life. Looking forward to reading my letter and all the success to come with it.