As of now, we all know that Donald Trump has won the election. Unlike many other people in the next few days, I am voicing my concern in regards to voting, not over the new Presidential Elect. I find that our voting process does not truly show the wants of the people. Each state is given a certain amount of electors that are supposed to vote “for the people”. In many cases, the electors vote against the popular vote in that state, making it so that the people are not actually voting. Americans typically end up voting for the electors, not the actual candidates, hoping that their state’s electors will go with the popular vote.

Why do we vote, if our vote doesn’t count?

The electors in each state are influenced by the candidates, or they vote for party. In this election’s case, the popular vote was not shown through the votes of the electors. With the process of the Electoral College, the elections are ultimately decided between only a handful of ‘swing states’, that are not primarily one party. The major swing states include Florida [29 votes], Ohio [18 votes] and Pennsylvania [20 votes]; these sixty-seven votes can majorly influence an election. In the past many elections have ultimately been decided by the electors in these three states, because the rest of the country usually evens out by party [democratic or republican/ blue or red].

The Electoral College system, just proves that our votes do not really count. Unless you live in a swing state, your vote is irrelevant, because your state’s votes are not competitive. The only way the people of America will get a true vote is if they choose their electors properly. It is the job of the states to appoint our electors, but not enough people care about who they are when choosing. As Americans if we properly choose our electors, we have a better chance of them following the popular vote in each state, rather than

Many Americans believe in the saying “If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain”, so honestly that means that no one has the right to complain because our votes do not necessarily choose the final candidate. In this case, our appointed electors finalized on our new Presidential Elect, Donald Trump. People across the country are disappointed in the Electoral College, and are unhappy with the system. For elections past, the government says that this system “works just fine”, but after today the people are saying otherwise.