Why Do You Need to Consider Brushed Aluminum Signs for Your Business?
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Why Do You Need to Consider Brushed Aluminum Signs for Your Business?

Brushed Aluminum Signs

Why Do You Need to Consider Brushed Aluminum Signs for Your Business?

It is known for a fact that what effectively grabs an individual’s attention is a visually-appealing sign or advertisement. The person immediately then builds their perception of the business. This is exactly why a business must put much thought into its advertising materials and not simply place random words and colors in a sign.

A well-designed sign will surely attract the public and establish brand recognition. When you ask metal sign makers, they’d say aluminum signs are one of the best types of signs guaranteed as high quality. We have listed below the reasons why you should consider them:

Brushed Aluminum Signs: What Are They?

To make brushed aluminum signs, aluminum undergoes polishing and anodizing procedures. Such processes are performed by metal sign makers to make the material sturdier and resistant to both fingerprints and rust. Polyethylene layers are placed in between the sheets of brushed aluminum which have at least 0.005-inch thickness.

Dibond, a type of aluminum composite material, has a usual thickness of 3 millimeters. This is equivalent to almost 30 pieces of paper stacked. One advantage of this material is that anything can be printed on the surface with the help of ultraviolet ink.

The Many Advantages of Brushed Aluminum Signs

1. It is more affordable compared to other signage of different materials

The signage gives out a luxurious and classy look, making your business stand out and appear very professional. These qualities are what most clients are looking for in a company.

In addition, there’s not much need to spend extra money just to achieve the impressive features of the sign. Brushed aluminum already makes the signage itself extraordinary among the rest of the signs out there which pretty much explains why it is mostly preferred as signage for infrastructure and road purposes.

2. The longevity of the material is longer than others

The initial look of brushed aluminum signs is still intact for many years and that is essential for business signs. What makes them last longer is the anodization of brushed aluminum and the laminated polyethylene attached to a single part of the materials. This is advantageous since there is no need to spend on many replacements as a result of signage wear and tear.

3. They don’t need extreme maintenance

Applying the usual polishes and waxes to the surfaces of the signage is advised to make the shining effect last longer. Also, they can be washed using a solution composed of soap diluted in water and wiped down with a soft cloth to remove the dirt and dust particles.

4. The material is highly resistant to scratches and nicks

Brushed aluminum signs usually have a smooth surface but they are scratch-proof due to the polarization process done to the aluminum. This makes the material very resistant to any type of scratches which is beneficial in maintaining the clean look of the signage. So, regardless of whatever object or fragment touches the signage, it remains completely undamaged.

5. No fingerprints are imprinted on the material’s surface

That gleaming satiny finish the signage gives off actually inhibits electrostatic discharge and yet can be imprinted with all kinds of graphics on the surfaces. This is another reason why the signage is perfect for indoor and outdoor advertising.

Sometimes, there are smudges that appear on the metal panels which do not get removed easily by a simple soap and water solution. An example is those metal signs on the doors of comfort rooms. In this case, fingerprints are not that very visible enough.

6. Easily customizable according to your business needs

As previously mentioned, any graphic can be imprinted on the surface of the brushed aluminum sign. Whatever design you have in mind can be printed perfectly on the material. Brushed aluminum is a combination of quality and artistry. Big or small, colorful or minimalist, this aluminum signage is suitable for all your company's advertising necessities.

7. Highly versatile for all kinds of business signage

Brushed aluminum fabrication is perfect for custom-made metal signs regardless of whether it is for interior or exterior purposes. So wherever you choose to display your aluminum sign, it is assured that it will flawlessly deliver your business’s message to the audience.

Final Thoughts

Sophistication and luxury are the usual looks brushed aluminum signs exude, whether indoors or outdoors. What’s even better is that it is carefully fabricated to develop formidable and attractive features which cannot be applied to other materials.

Such common characteristics maintain your peace of mind since you do not have to keep inspecting if the sign is still intact. The pros of the signage are listed above to convince you that if you’re looking for cheap and strong signage, the best option is to go for brushed aluminum.

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