Why Do We Need Capitalism? How Does it Lead to Innovation?

Why Do We Need Capitalism? How Does it Lead to Innovation?

Capitalism is also considered as an economic philosophy that requires the existence of a government that grants individual freedom. What comes of this is competition, invention and, most importantly, innovation.


Our modern society is mostly based on capitalism! Minds are divided if this is actually positive or not. There are many pros and cons when it comes to this being a perfect system. But, we can't really say that a perfect system actually exists. There have been many systems before this one and each of its founders thought that it is the right one. Perhaps after capitalism, we do get to experience something different that our children will view as innovative and modern.

Capitalism is considered as a social system which is based on accepting individual rights. These rights include property rights, which are rights of individuals of owning their own privately owned property. Capitalism is also considered as an economic philosophy that requires the existence of a government that grants individual freedom. What comes of this is competition, invention and, most importantly, innovation.

This is why modern society is solely based on creating new ideas and making them work. It is what fuels innovations and what makes it work. Simply said, capitalism supports progress and the creation of new ideas. The most prosperous parts of a capitalist regime are companies that invest in innovation and creative people. This helps to further develop the society and brings on the development of all of its branches.

But how does capitalism really lead to innovation? The answer is really simple, actually, there are several of them. But basically speaking, capitalism needs the existence of a government in order to provide protection and consequences to its users.

Accumulation of Wealth

The simplest thing that you need to understand about capitalism is that it needs money. Accumulating wealth is what matters and what the most important aspect of capitalism is. The same goes for innovation. It too needs money to be invested in it in order to thrive and develop further.

But accumulating wealth to invest in innovation is not easy. Luckily, capitalism directly allows you to do it. It allows you to accumulate wealth outside Government taxation that you can further invest in innovation and consequently developing it.

Flexibility of Funds

As mentioned, in order for innovation to develop it needs capitalism. Basically, it needs funds to further develop inventions. The way capitalism works is that there are a few ways that you can get capital. You can persuade the government to give you some funds, persuade a venture capitalist or get a loan from the bank.

Socialism can only work by persuading the government and taking loans from them. That way of accumulating funds is the safest one and comes with a minimal amount of risk. Innovating is risky business and one wrong step can lead to failure. That is why in order to succeed in the Capitalist society you need to take risks.

Individual Greed

There are two possible outcomes with innovations and capitalism. Since individuals make their own decisions, they also have to suffer the consequences. One of them is if the product fails the individual accumulates debt and therefore needs to pay for everything. The individual may also face a stagnant loss that can lead to bankruptcy. But there is a different, much positive end. If the product is a success, the individual then garners profit. Profit then leads to the individual becoming richer which will then prompt him or her to accumulate more wealth to innovation. Hence, we come to greed.

The consequences that capitalism does not allow individuals to relax and to go about this freely. It actually makes them think and allows them to become smarter. Because of this, people work harder, are more efficient and produce better products. This is all due to capitalism and the way it prompts innovation.


If we don't have the government and the current economy to watch over the individuals within it, then everybody will start doing what they want. Consequently, each individual may start acting like its own government. And if things are not as important as they are now and when things stop matter, innovation will not move and won't develop further.

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Sophomore Year Taught Me More Outside Of The Classroom Than In

Two down and two to go.


Freshman year, everything was new and exciting. Finding out who you are away from home, meeting people from all over the country, and having no parental supervision for the first time. The feeling that you could meet somebody at any minute and change your life was a stimulating feeling. When all the new things began to fade away, and classes got hard, freshman year was a learning experience like none other.

Then Sophomore year punched me in the face.

Bills, budgeting, relationships, roommates, classes, turning twenty, and everything in between pushed me to my absolute limit.

Sophomore year was the first glimpse at adulthood. You have more freedom than Freshman year thanks to no Residental Advisor, but have fears of leaving your lights on because you pay for electricity or sleeping alone in the house when your roommates leave. You learn more about the way the world works in these ten short months.

I learned to step out of my comfort zone.

After Freshman year, I realized I wasn't involved in clubs or activities. I tried out for clubs I didn't make and got into some that introduced me to my best friends. Sophomore year is a great time to join a club. While Freshman year has a lot of aspects to adjust to, Sophomore year gives you two more years in a club that you enjoy, and you can become close with older and younger people because you resemble the "middle child" in college. Try something new and take advantage of what your school has to offer before it's too late.

I learned to be more responsible.

After a long day of classes, it was easy to become lazy and roll through Chick-Fil-A's drive-thru. Sadly, I had to have the "we have food at home" talk with myself because of the bills and rent I needed to save money for. So, turning off my lights and cleaning my dishes without my mother constantly nagging me was my self - accomplishment for the week.

I learned to open up.

I have always been an extrovert, but I had a hard time letting people in. I have become so accustomed to being independent that I never allowed anybody into my weird world. I dated during my sophomore year and it was one of the best things I did during this school year. Not only relationships but my friendships got better as well. I learned to stand my ground for things I didn't like, listen to understand not just listening to respond, and how to say "yes" more instead of watching Netflix in my bed.

I learned that health is always the top priority.

Taking 18 credits spring semester was my first mistake. Being on campus and in class from 9 to 8 every day took a toll on my body. Especially since I couldn't say no to a Wednesday night party or 2 a.m. run to Cookout. You have to take care of your body. Take an hour a day to sit outside, eat a good meal, or make a small workout routine just to burn some calories.

As I begin the summer before my Junior year of college, I can safely say that Sophomore has been my favorite year so far. All I can do moving forward is continue to grow while making mistakes along the way.

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Flowers to Send on International Women's Day


Women's Day- A day to celebrate womanhood, a day to remember the sacrifices made by each woman from every corner of this world, a day to feel proud of yourself. March 8th is celebrated a women's day across the globe.

This is the day when we remember about many women whose voices were unheard. This is the day for us, the women. A woman is a caretaker, bread earner, a lover, a peacemaker, a mother, a diva, and everything that you can imagine of. Unfortunately, we had to fight really hard to gain our status in society. Therefore, this women's day remember to pamper yourself because you are worth it!

If you want to appreciate a woman on this women's day, then think about giving her some flowers. Many people in the UK often send flowers to the women they respect and care for. They choose flower delivery services to send a lovely bouquet in each and every corner of the country.

Well, what can be better than remembering a person and letting her know that she is admired for her hard work? We say flowers are always the best choice to send across to the woman who matters to you the most. She can be your sister, your mother, your lover, your boss, your wife, and anybody who has somehow inspired you in life.

Let them feel loved and appreciated for everything they have done for you and in life. Let the woman feel delighted, let her shade some happy tears and thank you in return.

If you are already thinking about a flower delivery service, but aren't really sure about the flowers, you should give, then go through our list of best flowers that you can choose from.


Do you know that Mimosa flower is a symbolic flower for women's day? The vibrant yellow colour can make anyone's day brighter. Especially when the lady you admire the most receives it, she will surely be filled with lots of joy and prosperity. Make her smile with a bunch of mimosa flowers on this women's day.

Mimosa flower


To be honest, roses are the kind of flowers, which are perfect for any occasion. Roses are the symbol of love, purity, honesty, and loyalty, which are the ideal features of a kind woman. We will suggest to buy a bouquet of red roses and send them across to every woman who is the epitome of pure love. Roses are highly popular, and the receiver will be out of words after seeing a bunch of beautiful flowers being sent to her from another city!


Tulips are the symbol of elegance and grace. Any woman would love to receive them. This women's day send them as a token of love and appreciation for being the woman she is. Let her feel appreciated. Let her feel happy. Tulips can brighten up the woman you admire the most in a jiffy. Send her some, trust us, she is going to keep them safe.



Lilies are also a good choice for women's day. These star-shaped flowers look extremely elegant, and their sweet fragrance is mesmerizing. Lilies are the symbol of purity and innocence. They also represent many aspects of womanhood, for example, beauty, passion, and motherhood. If you have a woman in life who you think should be admired and appreciated for all that she has done, then you should definitely choose lilies.


These beautiful purple color flowers are incredibly exotic. Orchids represent beauty and rarity. We think you should give it your better half on this women's day. You would surely want to appreciate her too on the 8th of March. No need to utter a single word because orchids will say a thousand words on your behalf.


The last pick that we have for you is bright gerberas. These gorgeous flowers don't just look good, but they can brighten any mood at any time! Gerberas are the perfect representation of adoration. Now, what can be better than sending away some flowers which clearly says that you adore her?


Whatever flower you choose to send to the woman who means a lot to you, we are sure this small gesture will be highly appreciated. Choose a flower delivery service to handover these delicate flowers to a woman who should be recognised and valued for all her efforts.

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