Why Do We Love BuzzFeed So Much?

Over the last few years, the internet has had a huge impact on the way people can make an honest living. Sites like YouTube and Twitch have produced countless homegrown content creators, and more and more show up by the day. With access to these types of mass sharing websites being so easy, succeeding or failing in modern digital entertainment is almost entirely the fault of the creator. There’s no longer any major need for a production company or record label because people can put as much content on the internet as they want.

One of the more prominent websites to rise in this wave of independent content creators is BuzzFeed. Founded in 2006 as the result of years of research into viral marketing, BuzzFeed focuses on quick, informative and fun content. Anybody who is a fan of the site has probably had the same experience: you start watching a video about adults trying foreign foods, only to realize that two hours have passed and you’re still watching them. This is BuzzFeed’s greatest strength, and it’s one that I’m not quite sure how to describe.

Why are so many of us so drawn to BuzzFeed? For me, it’s because their videos are short and relatable. While they do occasionally produce more long form and scripted content, the majority of their videos are under three minutes. In a time where we obsess over tv shows that are approaching feature length, this gives BuzzFeed a huge edge. You don’t need to be invested in any big story or character arc to enjoy their content (though you will inevitably grow attached to some of the more prominently featured faces).

BuzzFeed’s videos are also super fun to watch. Who wouldn’t want to see drunk adults play with cute little puppies, or see guys dress their girlfriends for a week? In addition, all of BuzzFeed’s content is really high quality. A lot of their videos seem like something that anybody with a camera and a few friends could do in their free time, but this isn’t the case. The level of polish in their videos takes time and hard work to produce.

I joked before about growing attached to some of the people that work there, but that point is actually pretty true. I know way too many of the people from their videos by name. Ashley, Gaby, Allison, the Try Guys -- these are all people that I recognize from hours of digesting BuzzFeed videos. Special mention to the amazing Michelle Khare, who I obviously have a huge crush on. These are all people who I find legitimately entertaining, and many of them have branched out to create their own unique content.

BuzzFeed does a really good job of appealing to our modern, fast paced lifestyle. The internet has given us such easy access to movies, music, games and books that we’re always jumping back and forth between so many different mediums of entertainment. BuzzFeed’s videos are short and to the point, meaning you can watch a couple of them and leave whenever you want.
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