Why Digital Marketing Has Become The New Normal?
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Why Digital Marketing Has Become The New Normal?

Why Digital Marketing Has Become The New Normal?

Why Digital Marketing Has Become The New Normal?

If you were born in the 90s or before that, you have come from a phrase where there was nothing known as Digital Marketing. Those days companies only had a limited number of options to promote their products are services. That is the reason only print media was used for marketing purposes. Though the goals for companies were the same, i.e., to earn profits by achieving sales, the behavior of customers was not the same.

Various economists have already proved the fact that the customers those days were not rational. They didn't give much importance to the quality of the product and were much more focused on the products that were cheaper or were more in quantity. However, we cannot blame only the customers. Since the corporate world was still in a growing stage, there were not many huge business giants

Only a few companies were there in the market that dominated the entire business circle. Since the competition wasn't much higher, whatever company promoted was considered to be true. This is the reason why many people got attracted to the products provided by the companies even if their prices were inflated or the quality was bad.

Another reason companies stuck to print media was because they had just a limited number of customers. Unlike modern days, a country usually had its impact on a particular country or a state. Since transportation and warehousing were not much advanced, there were local companies that had their own areas of the consumer market.

But as globalization made its way, things began to change. Many more companies now entered the corporate world and started selling homogeneous products. Homogeneous products are those that are the same in usage but different in color, shape, or taste. For eg., toothpaste. Earlier there were just one or two companies selling toothpaste. However, nowadays you can name at least 20 at least seeling toothpaste as their primary product.

Why Digital Marketing Is The New Normal?

Before getting into Digital Marketing, let us understand what were the factors that create such hype for Digital Marketing tools. Technology is one of the major reasons why Digital Marketing came into action. Since many companies started entering the global consumer market and selling homogeneous products, it became difficult for the existing companies to compete with them.

Hence to create a further impact on the customers and to influence them, companies started using Digital Marketing platforms for the promotion part. Advertisements on radio, television, etc., became common as they had a much wider reach than the print media. While using Print Media, there was no surety whether the information would reach out to the customers. But with electronic media, it was certain that the customers would get the information about the product sooner.

With innovation in technology, many different electronic platforms entered the market that was of great help for the companies that want to promote their products and services. The best example of once such a creation of technology is Social Media applications. You might be having an account on a single or multiple social media applications like Facebook, Connected, Instagram, and others. All these applications enjoy millions of users daily.

If you can relate, a company requires customers to grow and with these social media applications, such companies get an amazing platform where they can easily communicate with potential customers and educate them on the new products and services being launched. Unlike Print Media, social media applications are much better tools for companies to promote their products.

Using these applications, companies can easily reach out to millions of potential customers and influence by creating engaging content that has the ability to allure these social media users. Moreover, these applications also help companies in giving out an effective communication channel. Using these applications business owners or managers can easily respond to their customers' queries with a single click.

However, Digital Marketing is not just limited to social media applications. There are other thousands of ways using which companies can promote their products and services using digital platforms. One such platform is the website. These days customers want every single piece of information about the product or brand at once place.

By creating user-friendly websites, companies can add all the relevant information to their websites. The information could be related to the owners of the companies, products, services, and all those things that might attract customers towards the products. Many companies are also creating websites to add articles related to the products.

These articles are created using Seach Engine Optimization tools that make the article unique and engaging. Using SEO guidelines, an article can rank the company's website on famous search engines like Google, etc., Once these websites rank on these search engines, they catch the eye of the users that might get attracted to the product or service being offered by the company.

All these things together contribute to the fact that Digital Marketing is the new normal for the business sector. It does not matter whether a business is small scale or large scale, Digital Marketing is effective for all forms of businesses irrespective of the nature of the product. Though Digital Marketing could be a costly project for new businesses, it also offers various free and cheaper platforms that give out amazing results.

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