Why Criminal Minds Is The Best Crime Show On Television

Why Criminal Minds Is The Best Crime Show On Television


For those who don't know what the show Criminal Minds is, it is based on a team of FBI BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) profilers in Quantico Virginia who profile the un-sub (unknown subject) rather than the crimes themselves. It's their job to find out why this person or group is doing the things they do, what the signature stands for that they leave on the body or the crime scene, what their patterns are like, and the all-around behavior of the un-sub.

There are so many great things about this show that I could talk about it all day. However, the most important factor is the characters. You can't help but to fall in love with every single one. They are like one big happy family.

Penelope Garcia:

She's the stylish, flirty, tech-savvy computer geek who helps the BAU gather the information they need to track down the perpetrator(s). She's the only one in the gang who isn't a profiler. She's very bubbly and optimistic (also may have a thing for Derek), and those are only a few reasons why she's so loved.

Jennifer (JJ) Jareau:

JJ first joined the team as their Media Liaison Officer, the person who went out into press conferences and dealt with the press/media. She later became a special agent profiler like the rest of the crew. She is married to Will, a cop, and they have a son named Henry.

David Rossi:

Rossi was a former U.S. Marine, then was recruited into the FBI for his specialty in hostage negotiations, which led him to creating the BAU. After he retired, Rossi returned 10 years later to settle some unfinished business.

Aaron Hotchner (Hotch):

Hotchner is the unit chief of the BAU. He has a rough exterior, but every once in a while he will crack a joke or give a small smile that makes his tough act melt away. Even though he's a little older, he still has the ladies swooning.

Derek Morgan:

Ah, Derek. He's the flirtatious, buff, intelligent profiler who specializes in obsessional and explosive crimes. He holds the FBI self-defense training courses, and he calls Garcia "Baby Girl" — their relationship is one of the cutest friendships I've ever witnessed.

Dr. Spencer Reid:

Where do I start? He's the adorable, socially awkward genius who steals everyone's heart (mine included). He is considered a genius for the following reasons: he graduated high school at 12 years old, he has an eidetic memory, has his PhD in Mathematics, Engineering, and Chemistry...seriously, the list goes on.

When people ask you who your favorite character is, you can't give them an answer. As of right now, these are the main characters of the show. You may have asked, "Where's Gideon or Prentiss?" but I'm just going from the newer seasons and the people who have stuck around (although, Jason Gideon and Emily Prentiss are both amazing as well).

Some people don't want to watch the show because they believe it's "too real" and it's scary. Even though that's somewhat true, I think that in itself is a good enough reason to watch the show. It provides real-life scenarios, and if you ever catch yourself in a scary situation, you might learn what you have to do to protect you or someone else. The episodes involving college students really grab my attention. It's hard to think about, but these things could happen if you're not careful. Always, and I mean always, lock your doors and use the buddy system!

All in all, this is not only my favorite crime show, but my favorite television show ever. If this piqued your interest at all, give this show a try. You may be surprised at how much you like it.

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