Why I Chose Odyssey

Why I Chose Odyssey

And Also Why You Should Too

When I was twelve years old Hurricane Katrina hit. My home flooded and we wouldn't be going back. I had to go live with my dad in New Orleans. They don't live in the city, but right outside it and once everyone was allowed to return back, I was sent to live with him, my stepmom, and two of my sisters for a year.

*Note: because the Lord is faithful, their house was completely untouched besides the door being blown open and leaves inside the house.

While there I called my mom every single night at 9:00 pm. It became a routine. I'd talk to her about absolutely any and everything. I fell into sort of a depressed like state. I was an honor roll student, yet found myself just sitting in class staring off into space. I wasn't happy.

My mother began to give me topics every single night to write about before bed. Some would be silly topics such as, "If I were a fridge that what food would be inside me". And then some topics would be a little bit more on the serious side to get me to think.

I was even asked to write my own stories and brainstorm my own topics some days to write about what was on my heart. I even had a special little notebook with a special case to keep it in and made sure to never miss a day. It was my outlet. I still have it to this day put up safe at my moms house.

I have always loved to write. I loved the creativity in it and that I could write about anything that I wanted to. It was freeing.

This is what Odyssey has brought back.

As I have mentioned about always loving to write, but before joining Odyssey, I never wrote. It had been a hobby, but because of school and life, I never did it anymore. I even graduated and had time to focus on it, yet never quite felt that urge or push to just begin writing. I felt that there was just no need for it.

Then I had a friend tell me that she just started writing for Odyssey and absolutely loved it. I was so surprised! Of course, I had seen and read plenty of articles that come from Odyssey, but never had realized that I could potentially be a writer for them myself. I debated on whether I should apply or not and with the encouragement of my friend, I applied.

I now had a reason to begin writing again! Having deadlines and due dates encouraged me to write knowing that there was a purpose for it. I'm not saying that you need a purpose or a reason to write, but finally being finished with school, for the time being, not having anything to be due, not stressing over homework meant that my time was free!

What is also great about Odyssey is that if you love writing and have passions that you just want to share then Odyssey is a perfect place for you.

There are communities that are filled with those who love to encourage and keep you motivated, ready and willing to write. These people will help you to share your articles and get them spread. I personally didn't join for the publicity of my articles, but knowing that they could be reaching people who truly are meant to read it encouraged me.

I believe that God gave me the passion to write as a hobby. A way to let out my thoughts, to share what God lays on my heart, and to just write about the silly things when needed. It is not demanding. You will have due dates, and this is for your benefit. They help to keep you on track and to get them ready to go live in a timely manner so that you can share what has been laid on your heart.

I definitely encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, like I did, and if you have been questioning to write or not, to just do it. Step out on faith and allow your creativity to flow. You can join a local community such as your university or choose to go on your own where you will have the chance to write as often as you choose or skip a week or two if needed. Unfortunately, with being solo you won't have the convenience of the community or editors before publishing it, but you will still be writing with Odyssey!

If you are considering it, I suggest you go to Odyssey website and seek out information for yourself and just go for it. You won't regret it!

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As we are increasingly finding out each day at present, you never know what happens on a day-to-day basis. One day, we can be there, but the next, we could suddenly be gone. And without getting the chance to "mend fences", or "repair bridges", or, in other words, reconnect or repair these old friendships that we, at one point, cherished.

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A Letter to my Guardian Angels in Heaven

I try my best to make each of you proud everyday.

 To my Guardian angels,

  If I could have one more minute with you I wouldn't take it for granted. I'd wrap you up in the biggest hug and wouldn't let go of you. God, do I miss you.  I miss hearing your voices. You were so important in my life, I took it for granted. Nobody ever knows how hard it is to lose someone you love until it happens to you.

I want you to know that, I try my best to make each of you proud everyday. I only hope that I am doing enough. 

The days with out are long and hard. I find myself in tears all the time. I cry when I hear songs, when I see something that I know you'd love, and sometimes I just cry until my eyes are swollen. When you left this earth you took a piece of my heart with you. That's the hardest part, knowing that you can't ever get those pieces of your heart back. They are gone. 

People say that you're in a better place but , I can't help to think that you'd be better off down here on earth would be a better place for you, with your family and friends. I know you fought like hell to hang on to every last moment you could.  Sometimes I would just take a mental picture of you doing the stupidest things, just so I would never forget that moment.

It's been a rough,  Hell its been rough for me ever since you left this precious earth. I sometimes can't even remember what your hugs feel like, it has felt like an eternity since I have gotten one. There will never be day in my life where you don't cross my mind.  

If there's one thing that I really need you to know it would be this......

I miss you like hell, but I am so lucky to have the greatest guardian angels in heaven

I love and miss you everyday.


The person you left behind

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