Why I Chose the Field Of Human Services

I always knew that I wanted to do something that allowed me to help children who grew up in similar situations to me. Being abused, both mentally and physically, helped me to develop the belief that no child should ever have to grow up wondering if they matter or if they are even going to wake up the next morning. In fact, no person period should ever have to experience those things.

It is my hope, that by earning a degree in the profession of Human Services, that I will then be in a position to where I can seek a job that will allow me to both prevent and relieve situations in which children are victims to any kind of abuse.

Although I am sure there will be times in my career where I may question a lot of things about myself and my impact on the community, I am an exceptionally resilient person and I know that I am capable of powering through those bad moments that life presents me with.

The reason I am so willing to subject myself to being involved in situations where a child is being abused is that I personally know just how shitty it feels. When the people who you trusted to take care of you and love you turn around and do the exact opposite while making you feel as though the world would be a better place without you, you feel such a profound sense of hopelessness.

You find yourself in such an incredibly dark place that the only other people in the world who could possibly imagine what you have had to endure are those who have been through it themselves, too.

By going into the field of Human Services, I am able to feel that maybe there was a bigger reason why I had to go through the vile things that I did as a child. Maybe I went through those things so I would be capable of conveying the necessary empathy that is needed when helping these children and to me that makes everything I went through so worth it.

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