I started out like almost every Creighton student … Bio, Pre-Med. I had my mind set that I was going to become a doctor. I was so in love with the idea that I would not look any other way. However as I started to actually experience what it is like to be Pre-Med, I found myself falling out of love with the idea.

I actually started to question whether I was Pre-Med because I wanted to or for my parents and friends. I slowly realized that I want in love with idea of being a doctor but with the idea of helping people.

If you are reading this and not sure if you want to be Pre-Med, the best advice I can give you is listen to your heart. As cheesy and dumb as that sounds, you are the only person that knows what you want. At the end of the day, it is your life and no one is going to live it for you.

Flash forward two years, and I can say proudly I made the right choose. I don’t regret being Pre-Med. Honestly, without it, I would have never found myself. I am currently a journalism major and in love with it every more each day. I am helping people in my own personal way. I hope to be the voice of the voiceless.

There are a million of possibilities of career chooses for you. It might surprise you what career you decided to do. But if you decided to stay in Pre-Med, I applaud you and cheer you on your journey. We are all different and with different purposes.