Not only is Carol Danvers a ridiculously strong and powerful hero, but she's also a woman.

That's right, in light of Marvel's new movie, "Infinity War," Captain Marvel has been a hot topic that's been circulating around the internet for a long while now.

Many people aren't aware of who she is and how she even got a spot to have her own solo film (Marvel announced it sometime in 2014).

However, many people still want to know, "Who is Captain Marvel?" and "What does she even do?"

Well, ladies and gentlemen, you're in for a bumpy ride with this superhero.

Working as a pilot for the Air Force, Carol Danvers came from a broken home. Following the death of her brother, she was later on recruited by Air Force Intelligence after they saw her strong and independent character, and her various successful missions.

After working for Air Force Intelligence, Carol was recruited by NASA where she became a coronal who was respected by many. However, after an attack by the Kree Empire (a bunch of evil aliens) Carol Danvers was severely hurt and downgraded to a mere security guard.

Her respect? Gone.

It was then that Carol realized she was different than others. She began experiencing blackouts and pain; this would be later on known as to how Carol Danvers took on the mantle of Miss Marvel, only to later on become Captain Marvel.

You might still ask: "What makes Carol Danvers so great?"

Not only is Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) having her own solo film, but she is also confirmed to appear in the new "Avengers 4" movie that will be premiering sometime in 2019 (The title is still unknown).

Many people are speculating that Carol Danvers will play an incredibly important part of Thanos'— the titan who wields the infinity stones— downfall (frankly, everyone's ready to see her kick butt).

It has also been rumored that Carol will be the new superhero who will be leading the new generation of Avengers in Marvel's Phase Three and Phase Four— meaning that unfortunately, we will see the end of some of our well-known favorite heroes.

This isn't a bad thing, though. It's time to see more female heroes in power, and Captain Marvel is the way to go.

Strong, independent, intelligent, and kind-hearted, Captain Marvel will surely lead not only the future generation of Marvel heroes, but she'll also lead today's generation into a more diverse and inclusive place in society.