5 Reasons I Can't Wait For College

I'm more than halfway done with my junior year and I couldn't be more excited for the next chapter of my life. There's so many things to look forward to. Here are a few:

1. People not knowing everything about everyone

In high school nothing can be hidden because everyone knows everything. I can't wait to have some privacy and do what I want, without worrying about everyone hearing.

2. Real parties

High school parties last an hour at best before the cops bust them. They're also boring and everyone is just trying to fit in.

3. Living on my own

Don't get me wrong I love living with my family, but it will be nice to have some freedom and independence.

4. Football season

Football has always been a major part of my family and I cannot wait to have a team to support every weekend in the fall.

5. To get out of a small, privileged town

Although I am very fortunate to have grown up in a safe town, the people here are not the nicest. I can't wait to be in a more diverse environment.

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