Why Bastille Should Release Grip
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9 Reasons Bastille Should Release "Grip" Already

The biggest mystery in the Bastille fandom: What is happening with "Grip?"

9 Reasons Bastille Should Release "Grip" Already

I've said this a few times before, but I LOVE Bastille! For proof, just look here, here, here, here, or just generally at about half of the things I've written for Odyssey. I adore each of the band members, their live shows are incredible, and I've never heard a song by them I didn't like!

Currently, Bastille is prepping their third album, Doom Days, for release. When Doom Days will be released is still a mystery that is driving myself and other fans a bit crazy, but it's not the only mystery that plagues the fandom. The biggest mystery within the Bastille fandom surrounds one song:

What is happening with "Grip?"

For those of you outside of the fandom, "Grip" is a song that you can't find on Spotify. It only exists in live videos on YouTube, because Bastille performed it once, maybe twice, and then never touched it again. No more live performances, no studio recording of the song on Wild World, nothing. The band acted as though the song didn't exist, but the fans were immediately obsessed! Pretty soon, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr were flooded with jokes, memes, and tweets about the song, but the band still ignored all traces of the song's existence.

Then, on November 6th, Bastille lead man Dan Smith tweeted lyrics from the chorus of the song, and the fandom lost their minds!

As of right now, there is no news about the song. Was the tweet a hint? Are they releasing it? Until it happens, there's no way to know for sure. However, I definitely hope they do, and here are 9 reasons why I think they should!

1. It's a genuinely good song!  

The story that the song tells is great! Dan Smith has an incredible talent for writing lyrics, and this song is no exception!

2. It fits the them of the upcoming album!

Doom Days is supposed to be a concept album about using parties and distractions to escape the depressing reality of the apocalypse, and the entire album is supposed to take place over the course of one night. This song, which literally starts with the description of dawn ("As the nighttime bleeds into the day and tomorrow spills across the sky/while the sun's a harsh reminder why we are feeling barely human"), would be a perfect choice for the closing track of Doom Days.

3. After teasing us, it's only fair to actually give us the song.

Really, I think we deserve it after those tweets!

4. More fans want the opportunity to hear it live.

If they officially release it, they're more likely to perform it live! Of course, that's not a guarantee (for proof, just look at "Shame"), but it could happen!

5. Two words: "Grip" Merch

If they make it, fans will ABSOLUTELY buy it!

6. It's a fan favorite!

So many fans absolutely adore this song and would love to have an official version of it.

7. Live is usually better with Bastille, but a better quality recording would be amazing.

Don't get me wrong, Dan, Kyle, Will, Woody, and Charlie all sound amazing. BUT, you can tell the version that most fans have downloaded was recorded onto a phone or camera in the middle of an audience at a live show. It's not the best quality. . . .

8. An official recording would make the song more accessible!

Which means more people could listen to and enjoy this work of art!

10. Just. . .  Please??

We all really want this song!

So...Hopefully it's happening!

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