Growing up I was always told to be positive and have faith all of life's issues would work themselves out. It was encouraging and got me out of a lot of ruts, but there were times that I just felt I couldn't get out. This especially became true when I started battling with my mental health in high school and college.

People in my life tried to help telling me to keep my head high and that it could be worse and that a positive attitude was the answer to all. I politely thanked them for their efforts, but deep down I was really upset that this was how they chose to approach it. I can't just magically get better and my mental health isn't something I always have control of. So I stopped sharing as much with others, or told them I was fine even if I wasn't because it seemed to be a crime to not to be smiling like a resident of Dimmadome Acres all the time.

But eventually it bottled up inside of me and I started to get nasty with the people I care about, and I came to the realization that I needed to go to therapy to deal with these negative feelings. At first I was frustrated because I still wasn't happy all the time, but I neglected to understand the main point my therapist was trying to teach me. She was trying to teach me that it's okay to have those bad days as long as its not every day, and it doesn't take up my whole day. So I'm gonna share with you why it's okay to not be okay.

Your Standards Are Way Too High

Expecting yourself to be happy all the time is like expecting it to never rain or the moon to never rise. Impossible to attain and frustrating. One thing I've learned is it's easier to let those bad days come and go and to not force yourself to smile if you aren't feeling it. If you hide too much inside it can burst out in anger and frustration and hurt others you care about making you feel worse in the long run.

It's Natural To Have Bad Days

If every day was meant to be good then it really would never rain. There also would never be tornadoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis. But these are all necessary events to even out the balance of the world, just as our bad days help us to even out the balance in life by teaching us to cope with stress and troubleshoot to make life run more efficient.

You'll Feel So Much Better If You Let It Happen

If a volcano keeps all of its pressure in it will eventually erupt, but if the pressure is allowed to escape it can coexist with nature and be quite peaceful. This same concept applies to our happiness. If we let the bad days come and address them at face value and gain closure on that negative feeling, you can move forward with life refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.