All The Reasons I Hate My Dorm Are Also Why I Love It

All The Reasons I Hate My Dorm Are Also Why I Love It

It's a Love/Hat Relationship.

Living in a room half the size of a normal bed room is not the ideal living area. Living with a complete stranger who you did not choose to live with. Nothing that brought you together accept living in the shoe box sized room. Absolutely no privacy and they`ll always know all about your life because you have to share it in a room that should not be considered a room.

But also my roommate has became one of my best friends. After a long day I get to come home and vent about life. She knows all my problems and she can understand and be there for me when I have a bad day. She gets me breakfast when I am sick and offers to go out and do stuff when she sees I am sad. So yes I hate not having my own room with my own privacy, but I love the constant feeling of knowing someone is always there for me.

Sharing five showers and five toilets. It can be very awkward in the bathrooms, once again no privacy. You could be using the bathroom and someone else next to you is too. It is so awkward and sometimes the sinks do not work so you have to go to your room to wash your hands but you are wondering if the person in the bathroom with you thinks you are just a gross girl who does not wash her hands. Also the amount of hair in the showers could make a wig for someone.

Although I do at least once a week run into a friend who lives down the hall walking to the bathroom or leaving it. This always starts conversations and leads to come into my room to hang out. Taking a shower is kinda like taking a shower with your friends everyday. You can just have a conversation with the person next to you while getting ready. It is also pretty nice not having to clean the bathrooms because the maintenance people do it for you every day. I hate not having my own bathroom but sharing one with friends in your hall can be fun too.

Not being able to cook has been one of the biggest struggles. As a health nut not being able to cook my own food has restricted me from eating a lot of foods they serve in the dinning halls. Also not being able to just walk down stairs in your PJs because there are always people there that will see you does get annoying.

I never have to cook, so yes this is a downside but also an upside. Having your food prepped and ready for you by just asking the workers to make something in a matter of minutes. Even though you pay for your meal plan at the beginning of the semester, it is very nice not having to pay for food off your credit card. Being able to have someone me a smoothie or get late night chicken nuggets is somewhat worth not being able to cook my own food.

Lastly, having to live in a building filled with hundreds of students. Having to see that guy or girl you made out with three nights ago and instantly regretting it when you see them in the elevator is not ideal. Or having to either take six flights of stairs after a long day or wait ten minutes for a elevator ride just to get to your room can be quite frustrating.

But getting to see all types of people and friends when you come home or leave can be fun as well. It can be really fun seeing all the different type of people living in these halls together. Sometimes you see people stoned out of their mind in the elevator, or the drunks, even people doing their laundry at midnight. It is always an interesting time coming home late. Not only that being able to see your best friend at any point in time because they live two floors above you is probably the best thing in the dorms.

So yes the dorms suck sometimes and it is definitely different but for the same reasons it sucks thats what makes your first year in the dorms so much fun.

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High School VS. College Friends

New friends, old faces.

When you come to college often times you are required to make a whole new set of friends because all your friends from high school are in different places.

For those who are outgoing, it is easy to make friends since everyone is new to this environment and they are all looking for people to be their friend. Even though both sets are your friends there are many differences between them.

High school friends know everything about you and have been with you for much longer. They've watched you grow up and now all the small details about your life that even you find insignificant.

As you go through high school your pool of friends becomes smaller and smaller until you really get to your core people who you want to keep in your life forever. These friends are harder to let go and you'll often find yourself forgiving them for things you don't forgive others for.

College friends are a whole other beast. Especially freshman year! These are the people who watch you experience your first blackout. They are going to stand by you as you start to discover who you want to be as an adult.

These people are going to shape who you become as a person way more than you could ever imagine. You are going to look back at these times when your old and think of them as the best times of your life. That being said, you haven't known your college friends for that long.

They are so much easier to lose, and you can have too many of them. I highly doubt that the people you start college with will be the exact same group of people you choose to end college with and that okay. People grow and change just remember no matter what college is like you'll, always have your ride or die highschool friends.

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Just Try Your Best And Go For It

Take a deep breath and reach for the stars.

Have you ever wanted to be president of a club or try out for a musical but were too afraid? Honestly, I don't blame you. When I first got to college, I was terrified to try out for anything or even apply for that matter. It took me about a year and a half to step out of my comfort zone.

My sophomore year of college, I knew that I wanted to take on some more leadership roles. I decided to take on an editing role for Odyssey, which wasn't something ever on my radar. I was scared that I wasn't going to be good enough to do it. There was something in my mind telling me to just go for it.

Just go for it. What does that sentence mean to you? Does it mean going for the guy or girl of your dreams even if they turn you down? Does it mean writing a speech and actually delivering that? Does it mean advocating for something you believe in knowing other people might disagree?

Whatever your "just go for it" means to you, just know that it matters. We all have different things we want out of life, and we all have a different path. There will be times where you won't get a job or won't become president of a club, but you have to try. If you don't try, you will never know if you ever had a chance.

I took my own advice in the past couple of weeks and ended up running for two co-chairs. I remember my voice was trembling when I was speaking to a whole group of people I barely knew. I knew that there were many other people in that room wanting to take on these leadership positions. I decided to be honest with the people in the room, and it ended up turning out well for me. However, I had to realize that even if it hadn't turned out well, I did my best.

What is so beautiful about being in the world is that we have the freedom to try different things. All of these opportunities we are applying for or actually doing mean something. These opportunities are helping us grow into the person we are meant to be. It's okay to be shy, but just remember that you are amazing and you can do it.

I'm so glad that I ended up taking on various positions in the organizations I am in. I know that I am strong enough to do all of it and it has honestly made me so much more organized and professional. Everything that we do is a big lesson, and I hope to bring this new knowledge to my classroom when I end up teaching. We need to encourage each other to try out for things because it's an amazing opportunity to grow. Just do it, go for it.

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