I Am The Real Life Jessica Day

I Am The Real Life Jessica Day

Who's that girl? It's Jess.

I was once told that if I like the show Friends, I should watch New Girl. Well, I gave it a shot and it's safe to say that I've been hooked ever since. I find myself having an intense emotional attachment to Jess, the main character, for some unknown reason. But after giving it some thought, I realized that we are the same exact person. She's quirky, fun, and says the weirdest things at the weirdest times. I am her. She is me. We are one.

I am actually Jessica Day from New Girl and here's why:

1. Jess is a teacher, I'm a (soon to be) teacher

wooooo, represent!

2. We both share a deep love for food

I'm sorry, did I hear dessert?

3. Alone time is important to us

I just want to listen to Taylor Swift alone 90% of the time.

4. We love Christmas

Christmas is the most magical, amazing thing ever.

5. We're both a little weird, but it's ok!

Embrace the quirkiness!

6. We see the best in everyone

We just want everyone to be amazing all the time (even though sometimes that is not the case).

7. We are children at heart

We like to sing. and dance. and sing.

8. We will always, always love more

We can't help it. We have big hearts, it's just who we are.

9. Jess and I are always caught with a big ol' smile on our face!

Life is too short to be sad!

10. Clumsy is our middle name

We are clumsy with our words, or sometimes we even trip on our own feet. Either way, we are always getting tripped up on something.

This is all the proof you need.

Cover Image Credit: flickr

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The Conversation About Diversity In The Arts: A Hot Topic For Arts Management Majors

There is always room for new inspiration.

Being an Arts Management major has opened my eyes to so many amazing things in the art world.

Some things are hard to wrap my head around, but the topics challenge me and allow me to think in a new perspective. As I am exposed to these inspiring topics, I have also learned and seen many issues that are within the art world, one of them being diversity and its role in the arts.

It is easy to say and think that there is plenty of diversity and opportunity when it comes to the arts. My way of thinking has always involved that idea.

Until I came to college and started deeply studying the arts and the management side of it, I didn’t realize just how elite and narrow the arts can appear to be. There is so much to be inspired by in the art world. No matter what kind of style it is, the audience can interpret it and be moved by it in so many ways.

However, I have come to learn that many art organizations like staying comfortable. There is this image that wants to be upheld and maintained, but it keeps a very diverse and inspired audience closed off. This is occurring with the audience and within the arts organizations, and some of us may not even realize it.

Without going into the business and management side of things, it is easy to say that there is simply an issue with the lack of diversity in the organizations managing and exposing certain art forms.

As artists, we all appreciate the traditional aspects of art and how far it has come.

However, times have changed and it is time to start accepting and adapting to new ways of expression. There are so many beautiful cultures and ideas that we should let in.

I am not a business person, but I have realized that without studying arts management, I would not have realized this issue. I am thankful that now I am able to keep an open mind within the art world in every way possible.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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The 21 Best 'All That' Skits Of All Time

"Ohhhhhhhh, oh, ohhh. This is All That. This is All That!"

For those born in the late 80s or early 90s, it's safe to say you probably watched one of the greatest live-action, sketch comedy shows of all time— "All That."

The series lasted 10 seasons and was the epitome of TV shows that actually defined our early childhood. Depending what era of "All That" you watched, taking a trip down memory lane is slightly overdue. The OG cast, Josh Server, Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, and Lori Beth Denberg, deserve a lot more blimps because little did they know they became legends way back when in 1994.

The skits were outrageously corny and would be considered highly inappropriate in today's society, but nevertheless, nothing short of iconic. Though there's way too many to count, here are the top 21 "All That" skits of all time:

1. "Repair Man-Man-Man-Man"

2. "Superdude vs. Milkman"

3. Miss Piddlin

4. Ed marries Tyra Banks

5. "Superdude vs. Yogurl"

6. Everything Sticky

7. Coach Kreeton in the hospital

8. "I Luv Lucy"

9. Leonardo DiCaprio Party on "Whateverrrr!"

10. "The Haunted Hand"

11. Ishboo goes to a sleepover

12. Miss Piddlin sings "Give Peas A Chance"

13. Connie Muldoon at Good Burger

14. "The Loud Librarian"

15. "Ask Ashley!"

16. "Bridgett's Slumber Party: 3"

17. "Bridgett's Slumber Party: 5"

18. Britney Spears just wants a Good Burger

19. "Twitney"

20. Working out on "Whateverrrr!"

21. "Cooking with Randy w/ Tommy Davidson

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