6 Issues That You Should Keep In Mind When Voting In The Presidential Election

It's time to get a new President into office. With the election coming up, it is time to delve deeper into the candidates that you are considering. Look closely at the issues and their stance on them. Focus not just on what is important to you, but to the country and its citizens as a whole.

1. Healthcare


Healthcare should be at the top of your list of what you look for in a candidate. No matter what your economical status, I believe that we should have universal, free healthcare for all. This is a right, not a privilege.

2. Environmental


Climate change, ecosystems, and protecting our wildlife is so important. If the candidate does not intend to put their focus onto this issue, they are not worth voting for. Taking care of our earth is a top priority.

3. Education


Personally, I think that college should be free for all. Debt is such a burden on people, and the money to go to school alone is already so high. Without education, we would not have a new generation prepared to take on the jobs to keep our country going. So take a good look at their education initiatives.

4. Economy


Without a good economy, our country will not thrive. Make sure that your vote goes to someone with a good financial plan going forward. One that is beneficial to people of all economic levels.

5. Immigration


The fact is, our current immigration system is broken. This is an issue we need to tackle now in order to be the best country we can be. The process to immigrate must be made quicker and simpler, without sacrificing our country's security. And no, the answer is not a wall. We have to do better.

6. Military



War is not something that we need to contribute towards. It is time to let our military rest and focus more on making the right decisions that do not lead to more killing.

Let's make the best decision in the Presidential Election in 2020!

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