Who Is Kay Adams?
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Who Is Kay Adams?

Kay Adams is a very talented and attractive television personality. She is an American famous sportscaster. Kay Adams is a well-known woman around the world.

Who Is Kay Adams?


Kay Adams is a very talented and attractive television personality. She is an American famous sportscaster. Kay Adams is a well-known woman around the world. She hosted different television sports shows in her career but currently, she hosts ‘Good Morning Football’ on NFL Network as a co-host.

Kay Adams showed interest in media while studying in high school. She also hosted a special event for the Chicago-based football team Chicago Bears. Moreover, she has been part of many grand events and did interviews with several high-profile players. Kay is an expert in doing her work.

Kay Adams Ethnicity

Kay Adams is a Caucasian white girl who belongs to the Christianity religion. She was born in Chicago, Illinois. Caucasians are white people from some parts of Europe, Russia, and North Africa. She has Polish ancestries. Her grandparents were basically from Poland who migrated to the United States of America.

Parents and Sibling

Czesio Adams is the Father of Kay Adams. Her father was not a media personality.

Sylvia Wrobel is the elder sister of Kay Adams. She is not a celebrity either and her social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook are kept private. Kay also has one elder brother. Kay Adams once mentioned how the bond with her siblings is very strong.


Amanda Konopka is Kay Adams’ sister-in-law and they are very close to each other. On Amanda Konopka's birthday, Kay wished offered her the best by posting it on her official Instagram handle and praised her that she is a strong and very lovely lady.

Zodiac sign

Kay Adams was born on the 06th of April 1986 and her zodiac sign is Aries. People with this sign are usually motivated, passionate, and confident leaders who build the community with determination.

Love Life

According to FrontPageCelebs.com, Kay Adams never got married. However, there are reports she has been in a relationship some years ago with Danny Amendola, who played for the Houston Texans in the National Football League. Danny is a 5 foot 11 inches tall handsome guy and has an attractive sports personality.

Kay has very cleverly kept her life private and away from the media. There is not much information about Kay’s past love affairs. She did hide the relationship with Danny from the public. But they were caught by fans and relation opened in 2015 when she was hugging Danny at ESPY Awards. The relationship went viral on social media. But the American sportscaster said that it never got that serious.


It was a time when football was considered the game of men. In journalism, only males would host and broadcast games. But over time women also joined the profession and told the public that journalism is not only a men's field.

Kay Adam is one of them who proved herself in the media and now she is one a popular sports media personality. Kay was a very hardworking girl even in her school life. She showed her interest in media during those dayss. When she was at the University of Missouri, she majored in communication and did many part-time jobs to pay her school fees and other expenses.

Early in her career, she hosted a big event for an American Baseball team during their home games. Her first professional football media experience was on Sirius XM’s Fantasy drive. In 2012 she was a guest on ‘Late Show with Craig Ferguson’. She also worked as a host for NCB Sports fantasy football live and other shows such as Fan Duals. This undoubtedly strengthened her image in the field of journalism.

In 2016 she joined the NFL Network as co-host for a football sports show, Good Morning Football. This experience played a key role in her successful career. The show is highly rated in the United States of America and other countries for Football lovers. Kay Adams played an important role with her knowledge and talent to grow this show. She also hosted a special event for the Chicago Bears in 2018.

Finally, Adams got a contract to host the show “Who wants to be the millionaire” which expanded her horizon in the media business. This show, where people played for real money, became extremely popular.

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