Who Are You Calling a "Washed Up Sophomore"?

Freshman year is over, and the reality that you are no longer a fresh face on your college campus is starting to set in. You hear terms like "washed up sophomore" and start to worry that your relevance is slowly fading away with each passing year. For anyone nervous about this, throw all your fears away, because Sophomore year has already proved to blow Freshman year out of the water.

1.) The nerves that come with finding a group of friends after saying bye to your parents for the first time? Gone. You and your squad are all ready to own your college campus the second you pull up to school.

2.) You already know where all the good parties are, and laugh at freshman who wander around aimlessly with no clue about what's going on.

3.) You and your roommate more than just tolerate each other, and basically are inseparable.

4.) The "Sophomore 15" is never a thing, because everyone learned their lesson from last year.

5.) The likelihood of walking into the wrong classroom is slim as a Sophomore, and you never have to ask anyone for directions to get to your 9 AM class.

6.) You know exactly what to avoid in your dining hall and where they hide all the good food.

7.) You already know how in love with your college you are, and you can't wait to keep killing it in your favorite place.

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