Wandering aimlessly around the DePaul Art Museum I examined various galleries and art and the piece of art that stood out to me the most was Outcry by Whitney Bradshaw. Outcry is a series of more than 100 individual portraits of women screaming and I was more curios to find out more about this work of art. I did my research and the main purpose of Outcry is for women to stand up for themselves and come together and reflect on their own experiences in a safe inclusive environment. Outcry lets women unleash their inner feelings as they have been told to always stay quiet in society. Before each portrait, the women practice their screaming The number of portraits of women screaming increase as Bradshaw leads more sessions. I was fortunate enough to meet Bradshaw after finding out she came to the DePaul Art Museum on Sept. 21 to take more portraits of the women.

After speaking with her and a few of the participants after the event, I learned even more about Outcry and how Bradshaw came up with this idea.I find Bradshaw to be inspiring because she is empowering women at the same time and building a community while she is doing what she loves which is photography.The first time Bradshaw wanted to try Outcry was the night of the women's march in 2018. She invited five women to her house and had a party and did her first session of Outcry that night taking photos of those five women. From there on out, more women heard about Outcry and Bradshaw led more sessions. As of Sept. 21, Bradshaw told me she photographed about 150 women.

Egla Kishta, a Chicago resident found out about Outcry after a friend of hers participated in the program. Kishta attended the Outcry session that the DePaul Art Museum hosted on Sept. 21. Kishta mentions how her overall experience was complicated, but mostly amazing. She also mentions how screaming brings up a lot of things and it was interesting. At the end of the day Kishta found it was powerful and glad she attended the event. Although I was not able to attend the session since I am a male, I find Bradshaw to be a hero for empowering women. I give her praise in empowering women at a time where women may not have a voice. Outcry is at the DePaul Art Museum and it is free of charge so I encourage you to see the gallery she has created.