White Sox Fan's View of The World Series

As everyone knows the World Series was this past week. Unless you live under a cave you also know that the Cubs won the World Series. I am neither a Cubs fan or an Indians fan. I am a White Sox fan. During the World Series I could care less about who won but I do have to say once a Chicago fan, always a Chicago fan. With that being said, Go Cubs Go!

While watching Game 7 of the Series, I thoroughly enjoyed watching my friends cheer on their teams. The energy was insane. Being around all the sports fan was electric. While I had the night off from work, I worked the rest of the series. Working for a company that's owner is a Cubs fan is also very fun. Everyone came into the restaurant to watch the game and everyone was so excited. Now back to watching game 7. I did not watch a lot of game 7 but I watch two innings. The two innings I happened to watch just also happened to be the eighth and ninth innings, so basically the two most intense innings. I had never seen people so stressed out over a baseball game before. Everyone was screaming and cheering and they were all very loud.

Another thing about being a White Sox fan is Chicago came together when the Sox won in 2005 so now its nice to see Chicago coming together to supper the Cubs. Plus I got to witness history being made. I got to witness the Cubs win a second World Series 108 years after the first World Series they won. I love Chicago sports teams and I just love Chicago in general. It is always fun getting to watch sports.

Chicago knows how to celebrate its teams. We have seen them do it time and time again. Knowing that 5 million people came together to celebrate the Cubs on Friday is amazing. That is 5 million people that put their problems to the side and to put any political issues aside to celebrate a sports team.

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