Which Pizza Chain Is The Best?

Which Pizza Chain Is The Best?

Pizza is only good if you go to the right place and know your limits with garlic and sauces.

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When it comes to pizza, I am very picky on which types I am willing to ingest without the possibility of death or living on the toilet for the next week and a half. Some pizza chains make their pizza way too greasy, some make it way too salty, or garlic-y, or too saucy in comparison with the levels of cheese they add to the dough. So, yeah, there are a lot of aspects of pizza I take into consideration when choosing where to consume my “Italian” feast.

Pizza Hut, for example, has really awesome deals for their pizza and breadsticks like their $10 or $20 meal box that comes with so much food. But, I do not like their pizza because it feels too much like I am eating cardboard and non-tasty pizza. The dough is usually really hard and there is no garlic anywhere on the pizza, which makes it less enjoyable to eat. The sauce is kind of watery for me, so I do not prefer it. Pizza Hut is definitely not the first place I would choose for pizza unless I am severely strapped for cash and am starving.

Little Ceasars has really garlic-y pizza and some pretty good cheese on top of the pie. Although, after eating from Little Ceasars, I find that I have more stomachaches and am left to die on my toilet for hours at a time after eating even one piece of pizza. It’s super cheap and tastes great, but it is so greasy and fattening it causes people who ingest it to have some terrible diarrhea.

Dominos has really deliciously garlic pizza ad pizza crust, which is my favorite. They also do have tons of deals going on where you can save some money on your order if you make an account with them. They also have a small personal pizza that people who are alone and have no friends can eat, which is perfect for me.

Papa Johns has some beautifully good pizza and awesome deals similarly to Dominos! The one thing Papa Johns has over Dominos is the fact they provide a nice garlic cup within your pizza box for every pie you order, which makes the pizza fun and tastier. Although, due to some recent Black Lives Matter issues, I have seen many times that the owner and creator of Papa Johns has blamed people of color for his income lowering from his chain. This makes me want to stop buying from Papa Johns, so I have officially removed them from my life.

So, in the end I have to be honest in saying that Dominos is my go-to pizza place now. Their prices are fair for the yummy pizza and other stuff you can purchase and their deals can be pretty awesome too! Definitely try Dominos out if you have not already because they deserve the promotion of being the best pizza chain in the world for now!

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