This Fall I am leaving America to study abroad in Italy. This opportunity fell into my lap at a time in my life that I never expected it to, but turns out, is much needed. I will probably be the youngest of my schools group, a sophomore in college to be exact, that will take this academic and cultural adventure across the pond.

Even after realizing this trip was a reality, I had almost no emotion on the subject. How can someone have this amazing experience on the horizon and not even feel an emotion about it? Well, it's because I had a lack of enchantment in my life. I had been working my butt off in high school, getting into an in-state college, and simply going through the mediocre motions.

Although I am going abroad at a much earlier time than most, I think that sophomore year would have been extremely bland if I didn't. I'm not saying that I need to go abroad every year to be happy (honestly I could definitely not afford that). But I needed a little ~pizzaz~ in my life to restart my motivation.

If you lack magic in your life for too long, and just push your self through day to day life, you may burn out every once in a while. And this does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money to add something new and amazing to your life. Just take the opportunities you are given, even if they scare you.