Breaks are great for relaxing but they can turn boring very quickly. Here are my personal strategies for making the mundane fun and experiencing break to the fullest.

1. Play music and dance like nobody is watching.

With nobody around, the world is your oyster. Nobody is there to judge you jamming out to Shake It Off.

2. Go to Ithaca Mall and pet all the animals.

The SPCA has a lot of cats and the pet store currently has kittens. And while you're at the mall, you could get groceries like a responsibly person I guess.

3. Sing in the shower.

When the walls are thin enough to hear someone sneeze from an apartment over, singing in the shower is generally a no no. But with everybody gone for the break, feel free to belt out the Bohemian rhapsody to the best of your ability.

4. Visit all the waterfalls and lakes.

There's something very peaceful about exploring nature alone with your thoughts.

5. Visit a building on campus you've never been to.

Literally just walk into a building. You'll be surprised by what you find. Maybe you'll stumble onto an art exhibit or a reading nook. And with less people on campus, you can be more bold. Do go down that staircase, do enter that study room.

6. Visit all the floors of a building you regularly spend time in.

If you're a science major, you regularly spend time in PSB. But have you actually been to the 6th floor bridge that overlooks the entire building and gives you an unblemished look at the sky? There are even some nice tables near the labs on the second floor. Once, one of my English grad student TAs Molly (hi Molly if you're reading this) stumbled onto another auditorium on and below the 1st floor of Goldwin Smith that she had never been to. There are a lot of great places to spend time in hidden in plain sight and breaks are a perfect time to go hunting for these places.

7. Plan a day trip to Syracuse Mall.

Grab your fellow west coast people and international students and plan a daycation where you can shop till you drop. Literally, if you have to walk back to campus at the end of the day from the Ithaca bus station.

8. Do something different with your hair.

Try changing your hair part or try out that crown braid you've always wanted to do. You can spend hours in front of the bathroom mirror without anybody questioning what you're doing.