When You Make A Girl An Aunt You Change Her Whole World

Aunts are such a special thing to have in your life. It is a special calling for someone to be called an aunt. Aunts give so much extra love to their nieces and nephew. Parents are there to enforce rules, do the dirty work, and care for them on the long nights, but being an aunt, you get to have all the fun with them. Also, you get to spoil them especially when you do not have your own kids trust me you will find yourself buying everything for your niece or nephew.

Being an aunt is so much fun, you get to give all the loving and spoiling. Being a cool aunt, is the best aunt. You get to be the person that feeds them snacks way too late and buys them every toy. Having an aunt or uncle in your life is essential because your life will be 10 times more fun. When your nephew or nieces get older, an aunt or uncle will always be the best person to give the advice. You will always have the best sleep overs with your aunt or your uncle and it will be the funniest time.

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The first time I met my nephew was one of the greatest days of my life. Before he was even born, I already was spoiling him. I was so excited when I found out my older sister was having a baby, and I was even more to find out it was a boy. I grew up with sisters so having a boy join was so exciting. The day I found out my nephew was coming I was over the moon. I just wanted to drive to that hospital immediately. When I first saw him, I knew I would forever spoil that little boy. At that moment, I knew he already had my wrapped around that little finger.

My nephew is now two months old. He is the most happiest baby ever. He is always smiling and laughing at everything. He loves bottle time especially. Spending time with my nephew, is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy time with him more than anything. He has been the biggest blessing to our family, and everyone still fights over him. He is the most precious little boy, and he will always be the best nephew.

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