When You Give Someone A Rescue Dog...

If you've never owned a dog rescued from a shelter, you truly cannot comprehend the magic of it. It is something that cannot be described in words. It is something that is felt, not said.

It's felt when you see the dog cautiously yet excitedly prance around his new home, not yet knowing that this is his forever. It's felt when you throw his favorite bone, and he runs and gets it and brings it back with nothing but pure happiness and excitement in his eyes. It's felt with puppy kisses and late night snuggles. It's felt on long peaceful walks with you and your best friend where there are no words because you both just understand each other. It's felt during fear, when thunder strikes and he hides behind you because you're his safe haven. It is even felt in the bad times, when you have to take him to the vet because something is wrong, because in your heart you know that he wouldn't be getting the medical attention he needs if he were still wandering the streets alone.

Nothing but love from this boy!

Nothing is more rewarding than knowing you gave a dog a second chance at life. You can't help but wonder what happened to him in the years you didn't know him. What happened to you? Why were you abandoned? Were you once loved by a different family? Did they play fetch with you and take you on walks? Did you have a favorite bone there too? How could somebody not want you? You can't help but imagine the worst. And although you may spend some nights crying, thinking about what could have happened to your sweet baby before he was rescued, you can't help but feel good knowing you were able to give him a completely new life.

My sweet baby Theo

As a dog rescuer, you learn almost instantly that although you can't change their past, you can change their future... for the better.

You also learn quickly that you needed him just as much as he needed you. Nobody will ever love you harder than a shelter dog because that dog knows how it feels to not be loved. He's overjoyed to have you in his life, and he'll make sure you always know it by giving all the love back. When you come home from work, he's waiting at the door, excited to see you. Even if you just go out to get the mail and come back, he's excited when you come back. He gives you endless company, cuddles, and love he can. You find that your friends and family adore him, and always want him around. He's just too cute and fun! He truly becomes your best friend. He makes you feel needed; he makes you feel loved. He gives you a beautiful purpose in this world.

If you have ever rescued a dog, or any animal, thank you. Hold them close and love them hard. They are so special, and so are you.

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Theo on his way to his forever home for the first time!

I wanted to give a special thank you to the shelter where we go our sweet baby Theo, Twenty Paws Rescue. Thank you for bringing such a blessing into our lives and for all of the hard work you put in to make better lives for these amazing dogs.

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