When You Give A Girl A Big Family

When You Give A Girl A Big Family

You all have changed my outlook on family from sitting around the table at dinner time to always loving each other.

From sitting on the porch laughing about how everyone should watch what they say around me because you all knew there was an article coming from this trip. The countless crazy stories I heard from my cousin who thought a piece of butter that was in the middle of a table once, was white chocolate and ate it. To talking about life and laughing at many of the stupid things we have done.

I spent an entire week down south in Alabama with my family. As I would call it my long lost family, that I have grown closer to. Even though I probably do not know all of them yet, I am forever grateful to have such a huge family down there. I always wanted one and I finally have one down in Alabama. Maybe for some of you going down south means something different but for me, it means so much love, family, adventures, and laughs.

When you give a girl a big family they embrace it and never let go of it. Even though I am 12 hours away, I still always think about you all down there. The past week was definitely the time of my life and I would not trade any of it for the world. It may have taken us a while to find each other but we will never let this go. We cherish it because we have missed out. Just because we missed out does not mean family has been lost.

When you give a girl a big family they live for big family outings. A week full of adventures and the best part was that there was not only a couple of us but several. The family outings that consisted of ten or more of us was the best feeling ever. Instead of sharing the adventure with the one you are sharing it with several individuals and that is what makes it interesting. Throwing many different personalities into the mix makes the adventure so much more enjoyable. The company was great to have along the way.

When you give a girl a big family they are full of so much joy. I cannot recall a time in the whole week where we did not laugh once. The atmosphere was always fun and joyful. We all loved each other's company and joked around non-stop. Having a big family can be stressful but at the same time, it is joy and pure happiness. You are never alone or bored because you have so many other individuals around you at a time there is no way you should be bored.

So when you give me a big family I will embrace it, love it, cherish it and enjoy it. You all have changed my outlook on family from sitting around the table at dinner time to always loving each other. Yes, I do love my little family up here in Wisconsin but maybe one day we all will live closer to one another because when that time comes it will be the happiest I have ever been and many of you would be too. I love you all so much, but for now I must go back to Wisconsin because life goes on up here just as it does down there, so cheers to next time!

Cover Image Credit: Samantha Lynn

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Long Distance Relationships Can Be The Most Rewarding

Sure, it may suck... But it may prove to bring you both closer.


I'm no Dr. Phil. I can't provide statistical evidence, doctorate-level advice, or solid proof that this is an undeniable fact. I can, however, speak from personal experience. In some cases, that can be worth more than any psychological theory.

I'm here to say that long distance relationships can be incredibly rewarding. Take note that I did not say fun. I attend the University of Alabama, and Drew, my boyfriend of nearly a year attends a small school in Montana. If you do the math, we're approximately 1,407 miles away (but who's counting)?? Before beginning our freshman year of college, we spent nearly every day together. Now, I'm lucky if I see him every three months or so. Often, the closest we have to being together is a FaceTime call. There are some days where I would give anything just for a hug or kiss. This sounds horrible right?

Here's the thing. I honestly wouldn't trade this experience. Long distance forces couples to strengthen their emotional, mental, and spiritual bond; without putting effort into this, the relationship will fail. Long distance forces you to develop as an individual through trials because your partner isn't there in person to fall on. Long distance allows you to experience college as an individual in ways that you may not if you were always together. Even more so, long distance develops the relationship itself.

If you do not see a legitimate future with the person you are dating, please do not even consider an LD relationship. I personally date to marry, as does my boyfriend, and if this were not the case, I don't think it would work. There has to be an immense level of trust between the two partners. The temptation is real, always present, and easy to succumb to in college. If you can't trust your partner to not cheat when you're together, why would you trust them when you're apart? I have personally had individuals in LD relationships nonchalantly tell me about their inappropriate escapades and cheating behavior. This consistently damages the image of LD relationships and causes people to believe it could never work.

However, when you truly love someone, it can make your relationship flourish to new heights. When you completely remove any physical aspects, everything has to rely on the emotional, mental, and spiritual. We have come to understand each other better as individuals, and how to help one another in different situations. His understanding of my emotions and feelings has grown exponentially, and vice versa.

We spend more time in the Word together than previously, because we both believe the relationship can only flourish if it is rooted in Christ. We send texts throughout the day and call whenever we can just to remind the other that we're thinking of them. Long distance causes us to truly cherish the time we do get to spend together, and it makes reunions that much sweeter. So, yes, long distance sucks. But, I wouldn't trade the growth we've experienced for anything.

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