When You Disrespect The Flag, You Disrespect The Military

You have a right to protest. You have a right to voice your opinion, whether others agree with it or not. However, the second you burn or stomp on the United States of America flag, you are disrespecting the lives that are all around the world defending your right to protest and be free in America.

When you disrespect the flag, you disrespect every man and woman in the military. These men and women learn to fight for every citizen of the United States. They don’t even know who you are, but they respect and care about you enough and their nation to die for you. They leave behind their loved ones, friends and family, to risk their life for YOU. And the way that some citizens go about showing their thank you...

They burn the American flag. They rip the American flag. They throw the red and white stripes down on the ground and stomp on it, repeatedly. They treat this flag like it has no meaning. What they fail to realize? That flag has saved your life on numerous occasions because another life is holding that flag deep in their hearts and knowing that it stands for every person back home.

So, the next time you see an occasion where one is disrespecting the flag, please remind them that they have a right to leave this nation and take their unkind actions elsewhere, because I do NOT tolerate those who disrespect our flag and our military. The proper way to show your form of process is NOT disrespecting the flag. I don’t care what you are protesting or what you are mad at, don’t disrespect the lives that give you the right and freedom to voice your opinion.

America, we need to find a way to thank those lives who let us wake up every day in a warm bed surrounded by family a thank you. Disrespecting the flag is not a way to show that. The next time you see someone in the military, make sure you say thank you and remember what the flag represents. Part of that representation is the military, who give us all that we are able to have today. Thank you, United States military for all that you have done.

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