When Politics Divides US

When Politics Divides US

A perspective on how US Politics intrudes into American Family Life.

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"Welcome home Katie!" Susan yelled, hugging her daughter who just finished her first semester of college.

"Thanks mom!" Katie replied, and she then gestured to her right side.

"Mom, this is Jerry" she added.

"Your 'Jerry'? Wow, it is so nice to meet you! Why I have heard such wonderful things about you! Come on in!" Susan said, welcoming the couple into her home.

"Katie, welcome back!" Scott said, hugging her tightly.

"Thanks Dad" Katie responded.

"Also, Dad, this is Jerry".

"Hi Jerry, it's nice to meet you" Scott said, reaching out his hand.

After being given a firm handshake, Scott showed Jerry around the house.

"So I heard that you're a Giants fan" Scott remarked.

"Yes sir, I've been following the San Francisco Giants since I was 6 years old. My dad would take me to the games when I was a kid. I still keep up with them by watching small clips of them on my phone during my study breaks" Jerry explained.

"Nice! I've actually been keeping up with them recently! What do you think of their main pitcher?" Scott asked.

"I like him a lot; his fastballs are honestly amazing" Jerry said.

"I agree!" Scott replied.

The two continued their conversation down the hallway, and sat in the den until dinner was called.

"Now everyone, before we start eating, let us say grace" Susan announced to the table of four.

Everyone lowered their heads as Susan said "Thank you God and heaven for bringing our girl Katie home today, and for her bringing Jerry. We wish that he enjoys his time here for the holidays. Lastly, may You bless this food, amen".

As the family ate together, discussions about the election started.

"Mom, which Democrat are you going to vote for?" Katie asked.

"I'm probably going to vote Biden. He can easily beat Trump, he's experienced, and basically he'll be another Obama" Susan explained.

"Susie, have you looked at his past policy records? In the past, he supported racist policies, so Bernie has my vote. He's always been consistent, and I believe in medicare for all." Scott said.

"I plan on voting for Warren, not only because she is a strong woman, but she has a plan, is personable, and I love her healthcare plan too" Katie added.

"Jerry what about you?"

Jerry had dreaded this moment, but expected it.

"I plan on voting for Trump again. I know that he has been accused of a lot of and has said many bad things, but I do agree with his economic and foreign policies" Jerry said.

The table went silent.

The silence was broken with "are you a Republican?", which came from Katie.

Jerry nodded yes slowly, as he felt the room begin to intensify.

"How could you support children being separated along the border?" Susan asked.

"I don't support that action, but I don't like people crossing the border illegally. People need to do it legally, and if this method deters people from crossing illegally, then I support it" Jerry replied.

"What about healthcare?" Katie asked.

"Everyone deserves to have affordable healthcare, but I don't like the idea of the federal government completely owning it" Jerry explained.

"You don't have to finish your dinner. In fact, you can leave, now" Susan said. I'm sure that the trains are still running, so you can go home earlier.

"What?" Jerry asked.

"We don't allow republicans to enter this household, so you may leave" Scott said.

Jerry got up from the table, gathered his belongings, and walked out the door into the cold weather with a rain jacket to keep him cold; yet it was already winter.

Yes, he was a registered Republican, but truly was an independent. Yet his democratic girlfriend and her family, because of his political identity, was cast out.

He wondered if he was alone in this, but indeed no, he was not. He could hear as he walked in the snow footsteps of others who were rejected because of their political beliefs, including Republicans, Independents, and Democrats.

As he sat down in a coffee shop at the train station, he was able to catch his breath and warm up. After buying a bagel and coffee, he sat by the window, watching both the snow, and the other people who would join him. After talking with them, he discovered that they were rejected by their families too because of US Politics, and its divisiveness.

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