When Nowhere Is Safe

When Nowhere Is Safe

A perspective on the results of mass shootings that have happened, at schools, festivals, malls, and more.

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Sidenote: While the plot of this story is not real, the events based on it are.

1.High School

"Kelsey, what did I tell you? You never fall for the boy that doesn't give you the time of day!" Susan said.

"I know! But like he's so cute! What am I supposed to do, hold back my feelings?" Kelsey responded. "Emily, what do you think?"

"I think that instead of looking at Sam in history class, you need to pay attention more. Lol we literally have our midterm in like 4 days. Have you studied?" I said.

"Guys, literally I have been studying everyday for that thing. Don't worry about it, I'm going to do well!" Kelsey declared proudly.

"Ok, we trust you! But if you spend all of class today staring at Sam again, good luck!" Susan remarked.

We all laughed as we walked down the hallway on our way to history class. It was a normal day, and was really looking forward to Track practice afterschool. I looked at my phone, and saw another tweet that the President said about "The Wall". I put it away, I didn't have that kind of time to actually read it.

That's when I saw him open the hallway to the entrance of the school, with firearm in hand. He started shooting, and I ran to the nearest classroom.


"Rosa, come here! You can't just run off like that! You have to stay here with us! Emilio, hold onto your sister's hand okay" mom said.

"Fine" I sighed, I was so excited for the garlic festival, but the idea of doing it with my family I dreaded. My friends and I were going to go tomorrow, but then my family forced me into going today instead. But hey, more garlic for me.

"Son, why don't you look so happy? I thought you loved garlic? Is it something with school?" Dad asked.

"I've just been busy with schoolwork lately, and I was supposed to go with my friends to the festival tomorrow, not today" I replied.

"Well, since you're here already, why not try to enjoy it" he said.

I nodded, then walked around the stalls with my family, looking at all the booths of garlic around.

It was 5:30pm when our family went to the back of the festival to get more garlic-related food. That's when the shooting started happening. I picked up my sister and ran past my parents, away from the chaos behind me.

3.The Mall

"Maria, that dress looks wonderful on you!" Lupe said to her daughter.

"Gracias mama!" Maria replied. "I'm so excited to be trying on so many dresses today"

"We're going to buy 3 dresses for you today! You've done so well in school that you deserve it!" Lupe declared. She was very happy for her daughter, as Maria had been doing very well in school lately. So, she took her daughter to Walmart in order to reward her for her great schoolwork.

Maria and Lupe were walking to the front of the store when the gunman walked in, gun in hand, and started firing. Lupe grabbed her daughter's hand, and they both started running into the Mall."Come on mija! Run!" Lupe said over and over.

She covered her daughter's eyes as she ran passed the body of a 15 year old boy.

4.The Aftermath Of Each Of These Mass Shootings

"This shooting is a tragedy for the American people, and we send our prayers and sympathies to those that are affected by this tragic event. The shooter himself is evil, and I will be pushing that he gets the death penalty myself. Furthermore, their ideology of White Supremacy is evil, and I do not condone this idea at all. It's nasty, and it is not American" President 45 stated.

However, when stating this in front of the White House, news media outlets like CNN and MSNBC showed clips of him saying "send her back", the video of him laughing at a rally when a man suggests shooting immigrants crossing the Border, and him not putting forth any practical solutions.

Yet, while this all happens, Americans mourn, looking to their leaders, who, are all tied in gridlock.

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