10 Times It's OK To Drink And Drive

Driving drunk is never ok and it should never be an option. It really is not worth all the risks. This decision can change how you will view your own life, forever. Be a responsible adult and do the right thing. Take care of yourself and others.

When you are not drunk

Even if you are a little bit drunk, it is better to call an Uber or a sober friend to pick you up. Better to be safe than sorry.

When you have something in your throat

You can drink water and wash it down. We all have those random coughing fits.

When you want to get your license suspended 

Driving drunk can cause you to get your license suspended.

When you feel like paying your insurance company more money

A great way to get rid of all that extra cash you have.

Need an excuse for missing class

Because it is mandatory to go to court or treatment for your behavior.

If you hate your job or never want a job

A lot of employers will fire you if you get a DUI or will not hire you if you have had a DUI.

If you never want to drive a limo

Or have a commercial license at all.

No more FAFSA

Financial Aid DOES ask if you have had any criminal offenses.

To be selfish 

Because when you are driving drunk, you are putting EVERYONE'S lives at risk. Even if you think you are okay.

To be the reason someone is missing their mom

Driving under the influence is not worth it. Be responsible and make sure you have a way home.

Driving under the influence is NEVER okay. Don't risk your own life or put others in danger because of a dumb decision you chose to make. It is not worth it.

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