What happens when you give a girl a sorority? Well, a lot of things happen. Being in a sorority is so much more than what you see in movies. In fact, it’s NOTHING like the movies. Being a sorority girl is an irreplaceable experience, and I think every girl can benefit in some way from it. You gain so much and learn so many lessons. Here are some things that happen when you give a girl a sorority.

1. She gains a group of girls that will always love her.

When a girl joins a sorority, she will find over a hundred girls who will accept her with open and loving arms. No matter if she's at her worst or best, she'll always be loved. Her sisters will always be there to pick her up when she feels down and having that connection with a big group of girls is amazing.

2. She gets an amazing house mom.

The house mom is probably one of the most important things of a sorority. They're a sort of mom away from home. The house mom is always so nice and caring and always willing to listen. Having that mother figure in her life when she's so far from home can be very comforting.

3. She gets a HUGE support group.

Have a test coming up and are stressed? Her sisters will be there to help her study and cheer her on. Got a broken heart? Her sisters will offer to beat up the stupid boy and then give her a shoulder to cry on. No matter what she's doing or going through, her sisters are her biggest fans and the ones who will keep her going when she feels like giving up. They’re always willing to do anything for her.

4. She has more confidence in herself.

Her confidence will shoot through the roof when she joins a sorority. She has left her high school insecurities behind and feels much more confident about herself and what she is capable of doing. If she fails, she will have a group of girls who will help pick her back up again.

5. She always has a friend on campus.

She can’t go anywhere on campus without running into one of her sisters, and she loves it. Seeing friendly faces on such a huge campus is such a relief, especially on the first day of classes. She never has to worry about being alone because she can call up one of her sisters, and they’ll be there in a second to eat with her, workout at the gym, or sit by her in class.

6. She has a huge collection of t-shirts.

By the end of the first semester, she'll have SO many t-shirts, it’s insane. She probably had to take some home because she doesn't have enough room in her drawers. However, it’s more than a shirt. It’s a memory that she will remember forever.

7. She gets a "big" that she can always count on.

Her big is the absolute best and one of her biggest blessings. She’s always there to boost her confidence, bring her food and cough drops if she's sick, and loves her unconditionally, no matter what. She can talk to her about anything and know she won’t judge her, and she always has someone looking out for her. She’s like the older sister she's never had but always wanted.

8. She learns valuable life lessons.

If there’s one thing that’s important to a sorority girl, it’s her philanthropy. Each sorority has a philanthropy that is close to their hearts. By taking part in events that help raise money for these philanthropies, it teaches her to put others before herself and that the time put into helping others is super rewarding.

9. She's never bored.

She's probably busy 24/7 now, but she doesn't mind because she's never bored. There’s always an event going on or chapter to go to. It also helps her stay on top of her school work. With certain GPA requirements and mandatory study hours, she is motivated to get good grades and study.

When you give a girl a sorority, she'll learn to love herself, serve those around her, and grow more than she ever thought possible. She'll experience friendships and bonds that will never be broken.