When You Don't Even Know A Person You Used To Love

It’s a really weird feeling and one that is hard to put words to. You used to know this person even better than yourself. They were the person you wanted to share all your stories with, the person you wanted to talk to constantly, and the person you couldn’t imagine your life without. Talking to them everyday wasn’t even a question, it was a habit. Fighting was normal and was almost always resolved within the day, you had a good deal of their clothes in your closet, and their happiness was your happiness.

Time and distance force themselves upon us as we grow up and go out into the real world. Sometimes that person that used to be your everything turns into a nobody, and the saddest part is it happens in the blink of an eye. One day your with them laughing and playing, telling them every detail of your day, and, next thing you know, two years have gone by. You don’t know if they’re in a relationship, if they have a job, how their family is, or what they do for fun now. It’s quite surprising how much you can miss in a person’s life in only a matter of a year.

Curiosity will take over every once in a while and you’ll send a few texts to re-cap, or have a phone call about the most recent news in their life, but after that you just go on about your day as if everything were normal; which it is. Normalcy to you now entails them not being a daily part in your life. It’s something you never ever could have saw coming or thought would happen, but it does. It’s really scary because, looking back, you realize all the time that goes by and how little you know about them and then remember that they know just as little about you. Someone that used to be attached to your hip has turned into a phone call every five months. You become nostalgic at first, remembering all those nights you stayed up until 4a.m. talking, and that time you brought them to an awkward family gathering you didn’t want to have to face alone. Next, sadness sinks in. You feel guilty for not keeping in touch. It upsets you that you actually have no idea if they are happy or not when you used to know their happiness by the hour. Their life has changed, but so has yours.

Something I think we all overlook is the pure idea that, sometimes in life, you have to make sacrifices. You will not be able to stay in touch with every single person on your high school lacrosse team, you will not speak to your, once thought to be, love of your life, and you may even find it hard to stay in contact with an old best friend. Everyone is doing different things and are in completely different areas of their lives, and that’s okay. We all grow up, we all get lost, and we find ourselves again…sometimes even better than the person we were before. Enjoy the time you have now with the people that mean the most to you. Make the relationships mean something while they’re still alive. Remember that just because you may not love the person you used to right now, doesn’t mean you never did and just because you might have drifted, doesn’t mean you can’t mend.

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