Coming home can be a real shock when you're used to the luxuries of college.

At college, your friends all live within a five-mile radius, you can spend your time doing practically whatever you want, and curfew is nonexistent. While coming home can be the best feeling in the world, it's definitely hard to adjust.

Here are 12 thoughts you're guaranteed to have when you come home for break:

1. "I'm not going to lie, I missed my pets the most."

Sorry, Mom and Dad! Kind of.

2. "My pets remember me, right?"

Not to be dramatic, but that's all I need in life.

3. "Please, God, do not make me run into my high school ex."

All I want to do is go get my Dunkin' coffee in PEACE.

4. "Why didn't I appreciate my fridge or pantry this much growing up?"

Did we take all of these snacks for granted? Yes.

5. "Is there ANYTHING within walking distance here?"

Nope. You must drive 15 minutes if you want to see civilization.

6. "I hope it's acceptable to lie in bed all day."

Let's be real, it's called break for a reason.

7. "I should probably get my work done early." 

Wait, it's break. Good try!

8. "I wonder if I still have a curfew."

What's that again?

9. "Are chores still a thing?"


10. "This bed is juuust right."

There's truly nothing better.

11. "I don't have to look presentable for an entire week?!"

Oh wait, this is all I wore to class anyway.

12. "Let's see how many shows I can binge watch." 

Just one more episode, I promise.